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Board Guidelines and Rules
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Default Board Guidelines and Rules

This is the Child Board within the Tau Board designed to house all the Army List threads, this has been brought about to help navigate threads easier allowing all Army Lists to be located together. So all current Army List threads will be moved into the Child Board where you all should post new Army List threads, any threads which are created in the wrong place will subsequently be moved.

All Army Lists should follow these guidelines, so if you are creating a new topic be aware of what is expected.

Army List Advice

State the points cost you are working for in the title and stick to it. (obvious but you would be surprised ). Then try to lay everything out in an easy to read fashion showing the total points cost for each section (HQ, TROOPS etc.), including a brief statement at the end or at the beginning saying the tactics you are thinking of using along with the armies you will be playing most, whats in them/or if its for a tournament.* Also write down if you have any other models not in use/about to get some more etc, or if this is every model you own so that people dont make radical suggestions.

Finally don't ignore all advice, you posted a list so therefore you have to at least listen to what people think, be prepared for them to disagree with you but don't let them get to you, although still try to understand where they are coming from. You don't have to agree with them but agree to disagree so no arguments occur and threads dont drag on into arguments....

Use the Sample Army Lists

The Sample Army Lists are the best lists we have here, they were all chosen from a large selection of experienced entrants so should be of use to anyone who is creating an army list. There were several types of Tau Army Lists with their own topics, these can all be seen through this topic:


Which also happens to be stickied at the top of this board. In short, take a look, you may find them of use when you come about to designing your own army list (as well as the format of it).


Since the creation of this board there has been a few problems regarding members getting rather spam like and trolling occuring on occasion. Therefore i have written up these guidelines Rules for you all to follow, doing so should resort in a nice friendly Army List Board without any form of issues occuring, full stop.

Do Not Post Points Cost For Each Model/Accessories etc
Its a breach of copyright to post stats of each unit, and the points cost is part of the stats. Simply put the points cost for each unit as a whole or eve each category, we all know the points cost of the models so there is really no need. Plain and simple.

Do Not Enforce Your Views On Others
Everyone is entitled to an opinion, if you dislike theres you still do not have the right to rubbish it. Simply allow the topic starter to take your views, and others, into account by his own accord then allow him to redesign the list with the changes he sees fit. Then if necessary critique the list once again, but once the thread starter decides he/she is happy with the list then leave it, he/she is entitled to have their own list, not just a recreation of your own.

Everyone's Opinion Counts.
Critique the original list, not the advice given by others.* If you don't like advice given by someone, ignore it as it was not your advice and there's no need for everyone to think the same.* Options are options.

Notice: Blatant disregard to what i have stated here or simply failing to comply with these rules shall result in the offender being smited, i will not be accepting any leeway on this, so its there for you all to read and take into account when you next post here.
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