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600pt List [Conflict-Doubles]
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Default 600pt List [Conflict-Doubles]

Heres my list for a conflict tourney Hazard and I are going in:

Shas'O (149)
-missle pod
-shield drone
This guy deepstrikes onto objectives or behind enemy tanks. After That he is equipped to take on heavy fire and even combat. He is a badass commander and I wouldn't config him for a tourney any other way.

Shas'vre (77)
-TL Missle Pod
-Positional Relay
-shield drone
This guy is a support unit. He can give suppressive fire from turn 1 and has the shield drone so that he can stay alive to use his positional relay. Can pop light-medium tanks (good dread-killer)

20xKroot (140)
Massive combat punch, hopefully unexpected aswell. Infiltrate is handy aswell.

8xFirewarriors (114)
-EMP grenades
-pulse carbines
-gun drone
These guys are tank hunters and objective takers (they can swap tasks with their commander any time).

Devilfish (120)
-smart missle system
-target array
-decoy launchers
A seriously kitted devilfish for my tank hunters (they will need to get there safely) and a fast fire support unit, gotta love 7 S5 shot a turn at BS4 ;D

600 points on the dot. What do you guys think??
I'll post up a list of Hazards combo list soon.

EDIT: here is Hazards list.

- JO w/power weapon, storm bolter
-4x Vets. w/CC Weapons and Laspistols
- 2x HBs
- Tracks

-vet. w/ Honourifica Imperalis, power weapon, Bolt Pistol
- 2x HBs
- Tracks

-vet. w/ power weapon, Bolt Pistol
- 2x HBs
- Tracks

Models: 55
Ground Troops: 51

Originally Posted by Wargamer
Welcome to the Navy, Chevron.

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