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Oh let's have fun wit battlesuits...
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Old 27 Oct 2006, 21:57   #1 (permalink)
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Default Oh let's have fun wit battlesuits...

Huntre Cadre Fueris

HQ (303)

Commander (169)
-shas弾l with plasma rifle, fusion blaster, multi-tracker
-shas致re with plasma rifle, fusion blaster, targeting array, hard-wired multi-tracker

Commander (134)
-shas弾l with TL missile pod, blacksun filter
-shas致re with TL missile pod, targeting array

Elites (406)

Crisis Team (106)
-shas置i with TL missile pod, targeting array
-shas置i with TL missile pod, targeting array

Stealth Team (180)
-shas置i x6

Stealth Team (120)
-shas置i x4

Troops (405)

Fire Warrior Team (135)
-shas置i with bonding knife
-shas値a x11

Fire Warrior Team (135)
-shas置i with bonding knife
-shas値a x11

Fire Warrior Team (135)
-shas置i with bonding knife
-shas値a x11

Fast Attack (311)

Pathfinder Team (216)
-shas置i with bonding knife
-shas値a x7
-devilfish with decoy launchers, 2 seeker missiles

Piranha Squadron (95)
-piranha with fusion blaster, decoy launchers, targeting array, 2 seeker missiles

Heavy Support (73)

Broadside Monat (73)
-shas置i with blacksun filter

"The gue'la will either except our destiny, or die!"
-Shas'o Castris
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Oh let's have fun wit battlesuits...

Move the shas'vre in the first HQ squad to the second, or to an elite squad. That PM/FB suit needs independent character status, otherwise he's barely half as useful.

Vectored Retro-Thrusters are REALLY handy if he gets tangled up in close combat, which he very well may when you look at his close range weaponry. Not a necessity, just something to think about.

Lose the seeker missiles off the pirahna and devilfish. One shot is not worth ten points, period. Especially if it's a no AP shot with the same strength as the primary gun (albiet with more range).

Finally, consider giving your broadside a shield generator. You don't want 73 points getting wiped off the board by a single lascannon shot, do you?
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