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1k points, tourney, this saturday!
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Default 1k points, tourney, this saturday!

I went down to the games workshop store that openend in milwaukee, and its nice and all, its about damn time lol. Anyway, my love of warhammer 40k, and in particular tau has rekindled my interest after a long break from airsoft and there is a 1k point tournament this saturday. So, here is my list.... I read through the tau book a bit, and well, what do you think?

Shas o utsujin

Cyclic ion blaster
burst cannon
multi tracker
hard wired drone controller

2 shield drones



1 shas ui
missile pod
plasma rifle
multi tracker
team leader
hard wired drone controller
2x shield drones



12 fire warriors
devil fish
dis pod
decoy launchers

120 for troops, 90 for fish

12 fire warriors
df with same as above

12 fire warriors
hard wired drone controller
marker drone.


hammer head
rail gun
multi tracker
burst cannons
dis pods
decoy launchers


1000 evenly...

41 models total i beleive...

what do yo uthink?

It is semi mobile, and in hopes my squad with the markerlights and what not can use them on other things like my two df squads...
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Default Re: 1k points, tourney, this saturday!


I say drop the drones controller and the drones, and instead take a VCt and a stimulat injector. This one is called the ninja'o. His purpose will be to shoot things and kill as many stuff as possible and then assault it. after that, escape and start the whole process again. As simple as that.

As for your elites....drop the drones and drone controller again. And make him a normal shas'ui instead of a team leader.

As for your troops,

Drop the disruption pod and instead use the decoy launcher only. You also need a shas'ui for those morale checks.

And please drop the drones and the controller and instead take a target lock for the footsloggers. As with the mounties, take a shas;ui.

As for the hammerhead, take the target lock instead of the disruption pod.

Hope it helps.

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