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1000 points MEDUSA CITY FIGHT!!!
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Default 1000 points MEDUSA CITY FIGHT!!!

OK, I think I really messed up my first version, so there are some serious changes made here.

Shas'O with Cyclonic Ion Blaster, Air Bursting Fragmentation Launcher, Multi Tracker - 115 points

Low AP, guess range, lots of wounds. I like the sounds of him in a cityfight. I added the CIB just incase he comes in contact with some high armour units.

Shas'ui XV8 x2 with twin-linked flamers, drone controllers - 62 points

It's a city-fight. Who doesn't use Flamers?

Shas'ui x 2 with twin-linked Fusion Blasters, Targetting Arrays - 106 points

Short range isn't a problem in city-fight.

12 Fire Warriors with Rifles, Shas'ui, Bonded - 135 points


16 Kroot with 6 Kroot Hounds - 148 points
15 Kroot with 6 Kroot Hounds - 141 points

It's a city fight. Kroot are a standard. I plan on using my Kroot for CC, so I've given them Hounds.

Heavy Support:
Hammerhead with Ion Cannon, SMS, Multi Tracker, Decoy Launchers - 140 points

SMS is nice in a city-fight. I don't have enough AP 3, so I included an Ion Cannon!

Fast Attack:
8 Vespids with Strain Leader - 150 points

Close ranged fighting, close ranged guns.

TOTAL: 997 points.
Bystander: "OMG! You killed Shas'O Viorla Ken'ny!

Tau player: "Don't worry, he has a 'Though shall always come back to life the next episode' special rule"

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