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Default [TAU][Anti-SMurf][1850pt]

I would like some advice, and I will duly note anything you SMurf haters have to say.


HQ 1: Commander Shadowsun
XV22, MT-ATL, DC w/CL-D, 2 SD, 2 FB, BK Total: 175pts
[size=7pt] I've always loved the Dual-FB, but Shadowsun is just too awesome, plus my main rival at my gaming store is Farsight. So there is a bit of fluff in it as well.[/size]


Elite 1: 1 Shas'vre, 4 Shas'ui
BC, TA Total: 210
[size=7pt] I like to think of these guys as the SAS of the Tau, and use them to annoy this particular SMurf opponent. He is know to get fixated on certain units, and for some reasons, he loathes Stealths, so I plan to use this to my advantage in a very Kauyon style. Plus the Targetting Arrays improve efficency greatly [/size]


Troops 1: Mobile Rifles; 1x Shas'ui, 11x Shas'la
PR, PG, BK; DF w/ DL, TA, MT, FD, SMS Total: 277pts
[size=7pt] Usually, I'd have all my FWs like this, but for the sake of my own satisfaction, I found one DF to use for my FWs. I will use this unit to basically help out the line where needed. Rapid Reponse, if you will. [/size]

Troops 2: Rifles; 1x Shas'ui, 11x Shas'la
PR, PG, BK Total: 147
[size=7pt] I will use these guys basically for standard firepower and esstentially as bait for my Hammerheads to unravel fire unto the enemy. [/size]

Troops 3: Rifles; 1x Shas'ui, 11x Shas'la
PR, PG, BK Total: 147
[size=7pt] Read Above [/size]

Troops 4: Rifles; 1x Shas'ui, 11x Shas'la
PR, PG, BK Total: 147
[size=7pt] Read Above [/size]


Fast Attack 1: Scouts; 1x Shas'ui, 7x Shas'la
PFCx5, RRx3, PG; DFw/MB,DL,TA,MT,FD,SMS Total: 279
[size=7pt] I will use this unit as a Pinning unit and if worse comes to worse, use it to improve HH shots. [/size]


Heavy Support 1: Absolution; Hammerhead
Railgun, 2x BC, TA, TL, DL, MT, FD Total: 180
[size=7pt] He does have many tanks, so I took one Railhead just in case, plus I often become lucky with the submunition. [/size]

Heavy Support 3: Dementia; Hammerhead
Ion Cannon, 2x BC, TA, TL, DL, MT, FD Total: 145
[size=7pt] Pure Anti-Marine/Rhino firing platform [/size]

Heavy Support 3: Revelations; Hammerhead
Ion Cannon, 2x BC, TA, TL, DL, MT, FD Total: 145
[size=7pt] Read Above [/size]

[size=14pt]Army Total: 1852pts [/size]

"There is no other definition of Socialism valid for us than that of the abolition of the exploitation of man by man."
-Che Guevara

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Default Re: [TAU][Anti-SMurf][1850pt]

Some plasma-wielding crisis's never hurt
"Yeah, but I was Tau before they were cool... oh wait, that was never."

"Hold out baits to entice the enemy... If he is in superior strength, evade him... If he is taking his ease, give him no rest... Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected." ~Sun Tzu

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Default Re: [TAU][Anti-SMurf][1850pt]

i agree with ukos, plasma is your best bet.
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