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1500 Point Hybrid Tau Tourny List (Help!)
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Default 1500 Point Hybrid Tau Tourny List (Help!)

Here's the list:

Shas'el (CIB,MP,MT) = 82
--I'd like to give him PR instead of MP and also a TA, but no points...

2X Crisis Suits (2xMP,BSF) = 92
--Cheap deathrain suits for anti-transport and low-armored vehicles
2X Crisis Suits (PR,MP,MT) = 124
--Standard fireknife suits
2X Crisis Suits (PR,MP,MT) = 124
--All squads are two men for moral and regrouping reasons

8X FW + Leader (ML,TL) = 115
--ML intended for RGs and 9 men for moral purposes
8X FW + Leader (ML,TL) = 115
--Same as above
12X FW + D'Fish (SMS,TA,DL) = 230
--FoF, standard gunboat...
12X FW + D'Fish (SMS,TA,DL) = 230
--Same as above

4X Gun Drones = 48
--Intended to join IC (Shas'el)

Broadside (DC + Shield Drone) = 85
--SDrone for protection, DC only to keep cost low
Broadside (DC + Shield Drone) = 85
--Same as above
Hammerhead (RG,SMS,TL,DP) = 170
--No DL/MT since DP should protect it (and slow so immob. doesn't matter)

Total Points = 1500 Exactly

Overall, use a firebase with the two FW squads and the Broadsides. Flanking manuever with one or two forces (depending on the game) including Devilfish + Commander + Drones and then the rest of the Crisis Suits. Overall, standard Tau tactics for a Hybrid List.

Anyways, suggestions and such?
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