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2k all comers tau list - need help
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Default 2k all comers tau list - need help

I'm trying to come up with a 2000 pt, take-all-comers list for my Tau, in preparation for a multi-round tournament. To be frank, I have very little experience with them, as I've been painting them now for some time, and tend to be more into the hobbyist aspect of 40k than actually playing. I'm trying to change that! I welcome any help from veteran Shas'os like you all.

I built the list around a few things I have already learned... #1 - AP3 or better is good, and needed. #2 - A mix of static and movement is my style I think #3 - indirect fire is very nice and #4 - Tau's BS3 needs help from wargear.

So here's my list...total is just under 2k.


TL plasma
shield gen
Vectored thrust


Ethereal's Honor Guard
(12) Shas'la


Crisis Team
(2) Shas'ui
TL Missle Pod(2)
Shield gen(2)

Crisis Team
(2) Shas'ui
TL Plasma(2)
Target array(2)

Crisis Team
(2) Shas'ui
TL Plasma(2)
Target array(2)


Firewarrior Team
(12) Shas'la

Firewarrior Team
(12) Shas'la
Smart Missles
Seekers (2)

Kroot Team
(1) Shaper
(15) Kroot
(4) Hounds


Pathfinder Team
( 8 ) Shas'ui
Smart Missles
Seekers (2)


(2) teams

seekers (2)

Broadside Team
drone control(2)
(4)shield drone

My thinking was that the FW team on foot, along with the ethereal and his honor guard will form a firing line. The FW team in the fish will be a mobile objective taking unit. The crisis suits, as you can see, will need to rely on jump-shoot-jump for cover saves, since they have no shields, or drones. But on the up side, they have BS4, and twin-linked on top of that, so they should hit what they shoot at. The missle crisis suits will hang back near the fire line, hence they have a shield since cover may be sparse. The railhead will always move 6" or more and tank hunt. The broadsides will tank hunt as well. The snipers will focus on MEQ's. The kroot will infiltrate into cover and hopefully slow the advance to the fire line, or at least help funnel traffic. The pathfinders will position in my deployment zone and do nothing but markerlight work from turn one. Their fish will move forward and help one of the plasma crisis suit teams to deepstrike on target.
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Default Re: 2k all comers tau list - need help

Sorry no one has responded to you yet. I don't have a lot of time but your deserve some input.

A general principle is not to twin-link weapons on a shas'o. The ones you did are the most expensive.

You put shield generator on your suits with the most range. Going with your theme of target arrays, that is a better option than the shields and saves you 20 points.

The ethereal with honor guard is a hard one for me. I can't justify it for my style. Seems to expensive for slightly increased FWs. I don't care for this option, but if you really like it and like the fluff reasons, go ahead.

Twin-linked (TL) plasma isn't bad. Wondering if one suit in the third squad might find a uses for fusion. You look like you are marine hunting here.

That's what I have with my limited time. Good luck.

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