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Redone Tau 1000pt all round cadre
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Default Redone Tau 1000pt all round cadre

hey, this is my updated 1000pt cadre to be led by Shas’el Dal’yth Shas Eldi (Commander Firewing) and is also led by a ambitious Ethereal specialising in negotiating imperial worlds into the Tau Empire on many city based worlds. The ethereal doesn't make an appearance in the 1000pt army but i am going to get a model for him. (These new ethereal models look great, except for the guy without an honour blade who looks like he's playing the maracas.


Shas'el Dal'yth Shas Eldi
- Plasma Rifle
-Fusion Blaster
-Targetting Array
- HW Multi-tracker


2x Shas'ui XV8 Battlesuits
-2x Plasma Rifle
-2x Missile Pod
-2x Multi-tracker

1x Shas'ui XV8 Battlesuit
-TL Fusion Blaster
-Burst Cannon
-Team Leader
-HW Multi-tracker

3x Shas'ui XV25 Battlesuits
-3x Burst Cannons


12 Fire Warriors
-HW Target Lock

12 Fire Warriors
-HW Target Lock

12 Kroot Warriors

Heavy Support

Hammerhead Gunship
-Burst Cannons
-Target Lock

XV88 Battlesuit
-Team Leader
-HW Multi-tracker


Well, what do you think. i took some advice of adding the broadside and removing the drones attached to my battlesuits and adding another fusion blater monat which i may deep strike. Im not sure.

Any advice appreciated.
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Default Re: Redone Tau 1000pt all round cadre

I really like the list, all comers, it should do well. The FW units are expensive but should do well. My current list is similar to your but I have two HQs.

I do have a problem with a few things, but it depends on terrain in your area and how you like to play. Plus this is only 1000 list, One Monat won't attract too much attention, two will.

2x Shas'ui XV8 Battlesuits
-2x Plasma Rifle
-2x Missile Pod
-2x Multi-tracker

I would consider dropping one and go Monat, that way there is no "all alone test" should one get Lazed!.

Use those points to beef up your scoring units, you would be four points over but you could add one 7 Tau FW unit to your list.
3x Shas'ui XV25 Battlesuits
-3x Burst Cannons

or you could use those points to beef up your SS unit.

Good luck
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