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1000pt all round cadre
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Kroot Warrior
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Default 1000pt all round cadre

hey, this is my proposed 1000pt force


-Plasma rifle
-Fusion Blaster
-Targetting array
-HW Multi-tracker
-HW Drone controller
-Shield Drone


XV8 Team
3x shas'ui

-Plasma rifle
-missile pod

-team leader
-Hw Drone contoller
-2 gun drones

XV25 Stealth Team
3x shas'ui
-team leader


12 Fire Warriors
-Hw target lock
-HW drone controller
-Gun drone

12 Fire Warriors
-HW target lock

12 Kroot & 4 hounds

Heavy Support

-burst cannons
-target lock
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Default Re: 1000pt all round cadre

Just a quick comment.

If your hammerhead gets taken out first turn, or just gets taken out, you will have problems with armored vehicles, your Shas'el cant be everywhere at once.

One more Railgun would be good. One BS would do nicely cheap and twin linked.

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Default Re: 1000pt all round cadre

Yup, light on Anti-tank. Aslong as you stay in cover in deployment and give your opponent first turn to expose himself you might be ok but it always helps to have more.

Personally i would drop the 3 stealths. With a markerlight they will be less mobile, so i get the feeling you will be paying 100pts for a static 36" markerlight, and rarely use the burst cannons.

With those gone you could get a pair of twin linked Fusions as a deepstrike option, its something i have had fun using and its always nice to get in on rear armour and they are cheap enough not to matter if they die (especially if they take out a land raider or pointy pred before hand).

Just something to consider.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: 1000pt all round cadre

i would say that you are pouring too many points into your HQ, drop the HW DC and the shield drone to free up some points.

For the elites i would suggest a Targetting Array instead of a pair of gun drones and the DC for your team leader, it is always better to hit with your stronger weapons.

again it is better not to use gun drones on he teams, otherwise acceptional.

for heavy i would add a broadside to the heavy section just in case your HH gets popped, but that is just general consensus.
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