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My new Tau Empire List
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Old 24 Apr 2006, 18:26   #1 (permalink)
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Default My new Tau Empire List

here is my 1800pt list. It is conservative in that I'm not using many of the new items available. I'm of a mind that the lists were decent before. Much of the hype on vespids and most of the commander options are IMO not worth the points lost. I will add, when I find the points, drones to my BS unit, but for now I will keep them in cover on turn 1 and move forward with stabalization.

(might add vector engines if i decided DS him is viable)


2x2 crisis units
TL MP/flamer/team lead w/target lock
1x5 stealth
BC, bonded


1x2 Broadside team
TLRG/SMS/team lead with target lock/advanced stabilization
(drones to be added as next point option

2x1 piranhas
(still not sure about adding target array on such a weak vehicle)
1x6 drone squadron

3x10 FW
'ui with markerlight/bonded/pulse rifles
2 DF w/MT/DL

1x10 kroot


Tell me what you think and how your list differs.

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Old 24 Apr 2006, 18:42   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: My new Tau Empire List

I agree that a lot of the new stuff is hyped, so there's no need to spam Targeting Arrays, nor special issue gear left and right, and simply keep doing what works with only small additions of the new stuff, where it's needed.

So let's take a look.

HQ - Beautiful for anti-armor.

Elite1 - Solid deathrain.
Elite2 - Solid deathrain.
Elite3 - Solid stealths; though I would go down to 4x stealths for 50% strength purposes and I wouldn't bond.

Heavy1 - I would drop the target locks; otherwise, an SMS with target locks will be more useful. The burstcannons simply rarely have range on something worth shooting and it puts your vehicle within range of a meltagun next turn from a normally infantry unit.

Heavy2 - I would go with SMS on the Ionhead; it's worth it for the range.

Heavy3 - I would drop A.S.S. and buy shieldrones instead; all you need to do is bust the heaviest of armor and then move on. Twin-linked plasma is nice for midgame, if you have spare points.

Fast1 - Piranhas are fun; but the TA and fusion makes them more expensive. They are however, great for simply being a scoring unit; or toting around a seeker for you (if you had a sky ray) for early side armor hits on buried targets.

Fast2 - Same.

Fast3 - GunDrones are so incredibly useful. Deep striking 4x GunDrones is simply sublime. Too bad we can't have more fast attack choices.

Troop1~3 - I probably wouldn't go for the multi-tracker. It's an expensive upgrade to make your burst cannon fire on the go at BS3, and you probably should be detaching the drones by turn 2, so I wouldn't go for that upgrade. Instead, perhaps consider the disruption pod, it will give you the chance to keep glance only 50% of the time even after you've been stunned and cannot move. Helpful for staying in the air.

Troop4 - Solid kroot.

--- As for differing, I tend to use a lot of missile pods and ion cannons. I like strength 7. I also like gundrones. And I use more small squads of FireWarriors with Shas'ui instead of Kroot usually as well. But I also play a lot of games with less heavy armor (very rare to see A14, and only sometimes A13 in general), so less railguns too. But that's an environment thing.

(By the way; as you may have noticed; I moved it here as it is an army list and we have a board just for it.)

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Old 24 Apr 2006, 19:04   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: My new Tau Empire List

All choice replies. Here is my reasoning for some of the changes.

HQ, this guy is just a BS4 artillery unit that can be used to melt down those pesky super assaulty types that appear in my backfield from time to time. Since armor is lucky to make it 2 turns in the open with all my heavies, drop podding chaplans and such are my biggest worry. Nothing makes them go away faster than a fusion blast at BS4

Troops, I use the MT for the BC only as a means of adding 3 shots onto my FW when they FoF. It make it 25 shots with the drones rather than 20. That is a 20% increase in shots I would hate to forego for 10 pts. I use it often.

Heavies, I want to try the stabalization out and see if it floats on the BS. Can't see why anyone would want it on any other suit...I agree with plasma there, but the points just are available. As for the tanks, I dislike SMS for two reasons: First is it lures you into 24" to use it then you get trapped trying to reenforce the area that you should have stayed away from anyway; second is that for less points I can get 2 more shots with the only downside of needing LOS. I like the TL for the BC simply as a crowd control device. I face many nid players down here and I prefer to sweep them away if at all possible with the tanks, as without rending they can't harm it. The Fw are too vulnerable to massed gaunts. I get your point however.

fast, I'm a gun drone junkie and this is the first list in some time that didn't have 2 squadrons. I want to try the new fangled flying machines, and my hopes are that they will deal with the massed landspeeders I often face (usually 3 or more). A BC shot on first turn means a 33% chance of killing or immobilizing it; I hate assault cannons....

BTW, I always take some kroot just to keep the enemy back with infiltrating. I've noticed lately that 2 units of 10 is often too much kroot, so I've backed down to 1. Kroot are essential IMO to give Tau the manuver room necessary.

Anyway, food for thought as always Mal.

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Default Re: My new Tau Empire List

I agree with Malveaux with the options suggested. very impressive list please post on how well it does.

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Old 26 Apr 2006, 11:29   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: My new Tau Empire List

I'm making a change now that I've reread the sections on networked marker lights and target lock. My thoughts were that target lock would allow me to mark for the FW by the 'ui, but it is an error borne of the target lock entry for vehicles. I will rather give the 'ui a HW drone controller and a marker drone. Cost more, but I guess it will be worth it

Thanks to .mace for pointing me in the right direction!

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