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Tash'Var-T'ros Hybrid Carde [Tau 2.0]
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Default Tash'Var-T'ros Hybrid Carde [Tau 2.0]

Hailing from the main sept of Tash'var, the 35th Hunter-Carde was called to Taros to battle the forces of the imperium. [IA3] Replenishing thier losses with a few Human auxilaries, thqe continue to continue the empires expansion.

-Shas'el CIB MP(or FB) MT 82
-Shas'el TL-MP TA 78

-'Helois' Shas'ui PR Fb Mt x2 124
-Stealth Armor-x3 xv15, team leader, , x2 ML Drones (leader) 165

-Mechanised FCW
x11 Shas'la x1 Shas'ui 130 all pulse rifles
Devilfish: MT Dl TA 1 Seeker Missal 110

-Mechanised FCW
x11 Shas'la x1 Shas'ui 130 all pulse rifles
Devilfish: MT Dl TA 1 Seeker Missal 110

x11 Carnivores x1 Shaper 105

x11 Gue'vesa'la x1 Gue'vesa'ui, x2 Pulse Rifles 88

-Gun drone squadron
x7 Gun Drones 84

Hammerhead Gunship
-Railgun SMS MT DL TL

-Ion Cannon SMS MT DL TL x1 Seeker Missal

Broadside XV88
Team Leader, D'yi, HWMT 90

Total:* 1499
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