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Need help with this armylist [555 pts.]
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Default Need help with this armylist [555 pts.]

I'm quite new to WH40K, but I already got a glimpse on the tactics of Tau armies. This is what I've come up with sofar:

1 Ethereal (HQ) @ 50 Pts
* * *2 Close Combat Weapons

6 Fire Warriors (Troops) @ 145 Pts
* * *Pulse Rifle (x6)
* * *1 Devilfish Dropship
* * * * * Burst Cannon; Landing Gear
* * * * * #Pair of Gun Drones
* * * * * * * *2 Gun Drones
* * * * * Decoy Launcher

3 Crisis Battlesuit Team (Elites) @ 168 Pts
* * *TL Missile Pod; Target Lockers
3 Crisis Battlesuit Team (Elites) @ 192 Pts
* * *TL Plasma Rifle
* * *3 Gun Drones

Models in Army: 19
Total Army Cost: 555

Since it is my first army, it will be quite an expensive one for the start, but from what I've been told, it's a very potent one. I would like to know your opinion on this list, and, probably, some idea of a simplier or cheaper one... Maybe using 2 12-men Fire Warriors teams mounted in Devilfishes would be a better idea?

Thank you for your kind advice in advance.

EDIT: Removed personal units costs, only left totals.
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Default Re: Need help with this armylist [555 pts.]

Welcome to TO, Yamamaya!

So, your list...

Pretty good for a first timer.

Drop the ethereal first; in small games it is not only difficult to protect him, but he only benefits a few units. save him for games when you have AT LEAST 5 units that benefit from him.

with the points you spent on him, add fw's to your list.

your two crisis teams are overkill in 500 points; any enemy armor will easily be taken care of by a lone monat or two with twin missiles. after the 1st few turns, the deathrains (twin missiles) will run out of things to shoot well.

twin plasma is great vs marines, but not vs guard and such. Go for plasma, burst, multi and you'll have a suit with plenty of shots that is actually better vs space marines than twin plasma.

Your list doesn't follow the force org. chart. There's also only one troops choice and 2 elites + hq. And a minimized troops choice at that. bring 16 kroot or something to beef out your troops.

(DON"T list individual points costs for your units. People can read it like a codex and won't need to buy one. makes GW mad. Just list points totals for your entire army.)

Here's a suggestion, which doesn't need to be taken word for word;

shas'el plasma missile multi (he can help vs tanks and heavy infantry, so if there's more of one or the other, he can assist as necessary)
10 fw's in a devilfish with decoy
16 kroot, no upgrades
lone deathrain with flamer (deathrain = twin missile pods)
lone crisis with plasma, burst, multi tracker
lone crisis with twin plasma, flamer

for 557. with 16 kroot, 4 need to die in one turn to take a ld test. 9 need to die to be below half. Infiltrate them forward into cover, and they will out-shoot fw's and out assault a heck of a lot.
the mounted fw's are mobile and powerful. good stuff.
deathrain hunts tanks, when they're done he can either bombard from afar or deter assault with his flamer
plasma suit does the same thing, but against space marines and the like
the crisis with plasma burst is great for infantry in general, but especially the tougher ones. In a pinch he can hit side or rear armor.
Finally, the commander is versatile and does whatever you want him to.
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Default Re: Need help with this armylist [555 pts.]

Thanks for the warm welcome!

As soon as I recall, 555 points format prohibits units and characters with over 2 Wounds... But your list sounds much cheaper (Hell, nearly one third less Crisis's =P). At moment Ill start out with painting my Fire Warriors, and setting up inhumane experiments on them. Next step will be fitting them into a 500-555 points force.

Regarding this list, it was inspired by one of the threads on Russian WH40K forums. Some people claimed a similar army is nearly unbeatable in the 555 points format, but Russian metagame is very SM-heavy, with a slight mixture of CSM, Orks and Eldar. Also, the 1 slot in the Troops section is legal in the 555 points format (I guess its a local format, but not sure).

The multitude of Space Marines opponents explains 3 TL Plasma Rifles on the Crisis's, and the 3 Gun Drones are meant to be the meatshield for the Crisis's they're operated by. Second unit of Crisis's is equipped with TL Missile Pods and Target Locks (I think I could give one of the dudes in this team some different upgrade, but the point limit only allows an extra gun drone while staying within + - 5 points... I'm still not sure since I lack the experience, but I guess Ill proxy and try both my version, and the one you advised, and see which I can handle better.

Thanks for the input!
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