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Army list for a returning player
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Question Army list for a returning player

Having just completed my studies, I decided to get back into 40k, which I havnt played since 4th edition. I dug up some of my Tau models, and this is what I have:

1x commander farsight

5x xv8 suits

6x stealth suits

36x fire warriors w. pulse rifles

1x devilfish

12x kroot

1x hammerhead (both weapons intact)

1x piranha

If someone could help me build a list either using what I have, or even suggesting some new models for me to go out and buy (without spending too much just yet). I was thinking maybe another fish, some pathfinders, another xv8 or even an ethereal (to supplement my fire warriors).

As for the list, between 1000 and 1300 points would be great as I get myself re-acquainted with Tau and the game as a whole.

Thanks in advance
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