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750 point army for a returning player
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Default 750 point army for a returning player

So I'm coming back to 40k after about 6 years and picking my old favourite army back up, the Tau. I see a lot has changed and was hoping for some guidance. Here is a quick 750 point list to get me started, though I hope to add another missileside, a riptide and eventually I really like the look of the Opitmised Stealth Cadre, those ghostkeels

Anyway here is the list:

Hunter Cadre:

Commander 152 pts
2x Missile Pods, Target lock, Drone controller
2x Marker drones
XV8 Crisis team 104 pts
Crisis shas'ui
Plasma Rifle, Burst cannon, EWO

Crisis shas'ui
Plasma Rifle, Burst cannon, EWO
Strike team 73 pts
6x Fire warriors
1x Shas'ui

Strike team 73 pts
6x Fire Warriors
1x Shas'ui

Breacher Team 159pts
5x Fire warriors
1x Shas'ui
1x Guardian Drone
1x Devilfish transport w/ Decoy Launchers
Fast Attack
Pathfinder team 65 pts
4x Pathfinders
1x Shas'ui
Heavy Support
XV88 Broadside Team 70pts
Broadside suit
TL HY Missile Pods, TL SMS, EOW

Auxiliary: Drone Network
4x Marker drones 56 pts

Pretty simple strategy I think, I was never a fan of having a static firing line on its own. So the commander joins the drones for the markerlights to add to the pathfinders. The strike teams, broadside and commander can sit back and fire away, whilst the crisis team and breacher team can get in their faces and contest objectives.

Unfortunately the army actually comes to 752 pts atm though I'm sure there are some changes that can be made for that and its for casual games anyway.

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Kroot Warrior
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In my eyes you've put a lot of points into normal troops. I usually got some heavy firepower like a riptide with ion acc like you say you want and use it As backup for my other units. The new defence lines for tau looks funny but at this level of points you'll be better off with the gunring. You'll get your moving cover and a twin linked rail gun

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In the same boat, have just come back to the hobby again.

I was putting together a larger points list and it just happened that the Retaliation Cadre which counts as a core in the Farsight Enclave book, came to 750:

Commander: Cyclic ion, MP, Shield Gen, Multi-sense sys, command node, repulsor impact (185)

The multi-sense and command node are an awesome combination giving ignore cover for the unit, which I put with:

XV8: 3 x XV8 with plasma, burst (144)

Then another two XV8 teams:

2 x XV8, one with flamer, burst cannon, target lock, the other with Fusion and plasma, with a missile pod drone. (108)

2 x XV8, one with flamer, burst cannon, target lock, the other with Fusion and plasma, with a missile pod drone. (108)

XV88 broadside: rail gun, SMS, velocity tracker (80)

XV104 riptide: ion acc, velocity tracker, Early warning override (210).

With a Farsight Enclave you have to give bonding knives to those that can take it.
You could have it as one of the formations from the standard Tau codex.

Benefits - all units arrive via deep strike second turn if you choose to do so at the start of the game, and arrive with +1BS. Lots of ignores cover with templates and the MSS commander with control node making those plasma's in the unit he joins ignoring cover (AP2) and re-rolling to hit.

Sky fire on the broadside and riptide should you wish to use it, but it would be interesting to have a broadside deep strike, and it is relentless......

As I say you could take it as a formation from the standard Tau codex, and then start to build up your firewarriors etc. I have enjoyed the breacher teams in a devilfish - popping out within 5 inch to give a S6 rapid fire AP3 - I have seen them kill a carnifex before - ouch.
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