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2000 point list
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Kroot Warrior
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Default 2000 point list

Hi i just finished building and painting my first tau army. I have only played a friendly game against my brother and lost badly to his salamanders. I'm going to play big game this week at my local store and was hoping someone out there could see if my army is any good.

Hunter Cadre

-Iridium Armor
-Shield Generator
-Stim Injector
-plasma rifle and missile pod
-2 Shield drones

3x Crisis Bodyguard
-3 plasma rifle and missile pod
-1 shield generator
-1 retro-thrusters
-1 target lock
-2 shield drone

-6x Strike Team
-6x Strike Team
-6x Strike Team

1x Crisis suit
-TL flamer
-Burst cannon

1x Crisis suit
-TL plasma rifle

1x Crisis suit
-TL Fusion blaster
-plasma rifle

Fast Attack
-5x pathfinders
-5x pathfinders

Heavy Support
3x Broadsides
-3 heavy rail rifles
-2 smart missiles
-2 target lock
-1 plasma
-seeker missile
-6 missile drone

-Pulse Blastcannon
-shield generator
-air bursting frag projector

Optimised Stealth cadre

3 Stealth suits
-Fusion blaster
-target lock
-Homing beacon

3 Stealth suits

-TL fusion blaster and fusion collider
-stim injector
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Look over hos many slots of equipment your suits can carry not sure hos you spare the equipment among crisis suits it It's Per suit or in all But as i see it your commander has more gear that he Can carry
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Oh never mind Didn't see that signature systems didn't stack to the weapon/supp items
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