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1500 Point Tau List, Support Cadre
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Default 1500 Point Tau List, Support Cadre

Hey guys the name is Pete, I have played Tau since 4th Edition. I took a break between 6-now, and I decided I would paint up a small force and crack out a few games.

So the idea I am running with for this army, is mass drones. This army is on a refueling mission. Using a combination of movement and deployment options this army can be anywhere at anytime.

However I hate power-gaming, I only play once or twice a year So I enjoy when my games have a little extra context. (I play a fair bit of Mordheim as well) So this list is by no means a tournament prepared list intended for merciless slaughter. This list is the fat kid eating a rolo bar; all for the giggles.

1500 Point List, Support Cadre

Drone Net VX1-0

4 Marker Drones
4 Marker Drones
4 Gun Drones
4 Gun Drones

Hunter Contingent


2x Fusion Blaster


Ion Accelerator

3x Crisis Battlesuits
Nilla Missile Suits

3x Crisis Battlesuits
Nilla Burst Suits

Fast Attack

5 Pathfinders

1 Piranha
Gun Drones

Heavy Support

Gun Drones


10x Kroot

5x Firewarriors
Strike Team
Gun Drones

5x Firewarriors
Strike Team
Gun Drones

Drone Net (Regular one)

4x Marker Drones

So MSU Tau lets see how many Drones get shot with 28 in total things should get interesting. With a couple tough bodies and 21 units the damage should be minimized. With deep striking, outflanking, scout moving and thrust moves covering nearly the entire army we can get into position easily. The other upside of so many small units is to use the Hunter Contingent rules to increase ballistic skill all over the place. With the drone net offering another bs increase, I now have b4 marker lights with jump shoot jump doing circles around the enemy.

So c&c is welcome, let me know what you think!

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