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Tau vs Grey knights
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Tau vs Grey knights

I'm going against grey Knights in a couple of days. I go standard detachment with retaliation cadre as allies against grey knights. It's swiftflame themed so a lot of running around. The reason I do it like is this is I only have 1 commander.
Why ethereal here. It can give the usual bonuses but the storm of fire will make it 3 s10 large blast at 36 per turn. If you deploy anchors that is.

Hq/warlord: ethereal with recon armour and homing beacon 60 pts
12 kroot sniper 84 pts
13 kroot sniper 91
Storm surge , pulse driver canon , air frag 380pts

Retaliation cadre
Commander , 2 plasma , vector , stim 135pts
3 units of 3 xv08's all with 2plasma and vector 513
3railsides 2 with target lock 205
2 riptides , ion acc , both with target lock 380
Pls give me your point of view.

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Kroot Warrior
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The kroots numbers may draw some fire away from the storm surge until turn 2 where the cadre arrive. From there it just gives fire support and basically pin down infantry. Other long range will be giving support too. My plasma suits just fly all over the place taking out anything.
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