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Hunter Contigent
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Hunter Contigent

I've tried to make a contigent for 1500p where I'll have a teammate where it's 2vs2 all running 1500. I tried to theme it a little with sternshield maybe it's more like swift flame IDK.

Hunting cadre
140 Commander ,cold star suit, vector thrusters
224 32 kroot , sniper rounds (3 units 1 with 10 ,2 with 11)
171 3 xv08 , each(2 plasma, vector thrusters)
110 10 Pathfinders
380 storm surge , pulse driver , twin air frag

Optimised stealth cadre
280 2 Ghost keel , twin fusion, ion raker
95 3 stealthsuits , fusion
95 3 stealthsuits , fusion

The optimised stealth cadre is for vehicle hunting even though all the burstcanons also can work on mobs with the ignores cover it gets from the formation.
My hunter cadre will be giving fire support to my teammate and my monster or vehicle hunters.
My monster hunters are the crisis suits. My commander will fly around trying to help everyone. The Pathfinders will just be there to get shot. Sure the markerlights will be helpful but I think my opponent will kill them fast since the destroyer missiles can become strength D with them.
This is my first list anyone will view so everything is appreciated

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Kroot Warrior
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I've fixed a small point calculation problem that was in the first finished list. And I've switched the piranhas with pathfinders because they're both throw away units but pathfinders can play better into the army if they survive a little.
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