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1500 Point Tau List, Support Cadre
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Default 1500 Point Tau List, Support Cadre

Hey folks it's Pete, here is a quick project of mine. I decided to paint some of my second hand Tau which have been collecting dust for years. A few months back I managed to pick up an extra battalion box from a friend for 50$ and did some research on 40k (I have not played a game in 7 years). I quickly found out Rippy the riptide is a mainstay in most Tau armies, so I burned my wallet and walked into my local GW. I also discovered the anti-fun unit Broadsides, however I did not have any in my collection. (They used to suck I.M.O) So instead of biting the bullet and selling my soul for more plastic I decided to use what I had. (It didn't help that GW hit my favorite tabletop game with a fireball and obliterated fantasy)

This left me in an awkward position, I had a largish box of Tau in various states of disrepair and poor paint jobs. (Did I mention they were all second hand) I had no idea what was considered strong aside from rippy and missile cheese, so I gathered a battalion of troops and started painting. This eventually led to where I am now.

So anyways outside of extra troops, XV8's/Stealth and Tanks I have nothing to supplement my army. Let me know what you all think and throw me some C&C, thanks for reading!

1500 Point's, Tau Support Cadre


Commander: 190
2x Missile Pod
PEN chip
Stimulant Injector
Velocity Tracker
Iridium Battlesuit

Elite: 517

Riptide: 220
Ion Accelerator
Stimulant Injector

3x Crisis Battlesuits: 171
3x Missile Pods
3x Twin-Linked Missile Pods

2x Crisis Battlesuits: 126
2x Plasma Rifle
2x Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster
1x Shield Drone

Fast Attack: 182

5x Pathfinders: XX

7x Pathfinders: XX

1x Piranha: 50
1x Fusion Blaster

Heavy Support: 125

1x Hammerhead Gunship: XXX
1x Ion Cannon
2x Gun Drones

Troops: 486

18x Kroot: 126
Sniper Rounds

Strike Team: 180
10x Firewarriors
1x DS8 Support Turret
1x Missile Pod
1x Devilfish

Strike Team: 180
10x Firewarriors
1x DS8 Support Turret
1x Missile Pod
1x Devilfish

Well I hope you guys enjoy, also I really hate models after macro has had its way with them.

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