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Heya fellas
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Heya fellas

So for your consideration:

Infiltration cadre:

1 unit piranha - 45
1 with sensor spines

2 units stealth, kitted same - 137 each
Vre, markerlight/target lock, drone controller, burst
2 ui burst cannons
2 Marker drones

3 units pathfinders, kitted same - 44 each
4 ui, carbine/markerlight

Retaliation cadre:

1 unit broadsides - 210
3 ui high yields and SMS, early warning override

1 unit commander - 130
Burst cannon, 2 plasma rifles, early warning override

1 unit riptide - 185
Vre, heavy burst, fusion, early warning override

3 units crisis, all kitted same - 285 each
Vre flamer, fusion, target lock
3 ui 2 plasma, early warning override

Currently sitting at 1831. The infiltration cadre is written off as suicide and wants to be murdered. Allows me to deep strike all my reserves on my next turn. My play group's meta (thanks to me) is drop in everything possible. This list is to mitigate that meta and blow holes in everything that moves.

Each crisis unit is putting out 12 shots of ap2 at 12 inches, and the vre is working vehicles and t4 multi wound models. Stealth teams are assassination and fire support based. Flyers are rare in our group, even among the necron players thanks to our imperium players and their aegis lines.

The commander goes where needed. The broadsides just mutilate things, and the riptide is the closer and/or AA support.

Not a very competitive list, but I have dark eldar/ eldar/ tau list for that.
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Kroot Warrior
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Your retaliation cadre doesn't reguire the infiltration cadre as they got a special rule that makes them come in turn 2 if you say they use low altitude deployment at the start of the game. The infiltration could easily work like that with other formations but is useless in that perspective with the retaliation cadre. She you use infiltration cadre this way remember only one unit is to be destroyed Devore all reserves can come in next turn so I would take piranha unit of 1 for 40p to do the suicide.

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