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Solid 1850 list
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Solid 1850 list

Hello all, This is my first post on the site and I'm also a proud new owner of a tau army. After a lot of studying this is the list I came up with. Let me know your thoughts

Tau Retallion Cadre

Commander - 2 marker drones, drone controller, command and control, multi spectrum, puretide, iridium suit, retro thrusters
197 pts

Crisis Team - X3 Crisis suits with 2 missile pods, target lock, and 2 marker drones for a total of 6 in the unit
243 pts

Crisis Team - X3 Crisis suits with 2 fusion blaster and flamer
171 pts

Crisis Team - X3 Crisis suits with 2 burst cannons and flamer
141 pts

X104 Riptide - Heavy Burst Cannon, fusion blaster, stimulant, velocity tracker
235 pts

X2 Fire warrior Teams with 5 strikes and 1 shas-ui w/ marker light and target lock and Devilfish with Disruption Pod and Sensor Spines
179 pts X2

Broadside Team X3 suits with twin linked heavy rail rifle, twin link smart missile system and 2 missile drones each for a total of 6 drones. One guy has a drone controller.
275 pts

X2 Stealth team with 3 suits, one suit has fusion blaster and shas'vre has homing beacon

115 pts X2

Total 1850 pts

The Idea is simple:
Attach buffmander with missile crisis suits for marker light fun and missile fun. Other crisis suits are going to get in the enemies face and start decimating. Riptide is my anti-air and railsides are my anti tank/monster/scary unit. Av14 should be solved with the amount of fusion I have on the table. Fire warriors will go around cautiously shooting markers until turn 5 and try to score an objective. Stealth teams will hopefully survive long enough for a massive turn 2 deep strike.

Just in case people don't know, the retallion cadre grants relentless, awesome for railsides, and +1 BS after the deepstrike. Also allows for a guaranteed turn 2 deep strike.


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Kroot Warrior
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Overall, you're looking at a mostly solid list. You have the same problem I do at the moment: survivability. Your riptide is all you have for invul saves. I have no good fix for this yet, beyond making squads of 4 on the crisis suits.

Also, look for your overlap of fire, you have 3 squads set up to do independent jobs, but this edition of tau is all about synergy. Look what happens if you set up a fire team with 3 suits having different weapons. We'll say one guy has 2 fusion and target lock, one guy has 2 plasma and target lock, and the third guy has 2 bursts and a flamer. 3 guys in a team and 3 teams. Now we have the ability to declare coordinated fires, with all three units shooting as one. For their troubles, they get +1 bs. The three suits in each unit fire all 6 burst cannons into the primary target (don't use the flamer except for more hits if they have 3+ cover and poor armor[looking at you eldar rangers]). Those are declared, so declare fusions as shooting a few vehicles where needed, and the plasma is declared against heavy infantry or additional shots on the original unit. Marker drones aren't all the rage this edition. Roll with additional shots or some much needed invul saves. Now your suits are doing true work and we still have the basis of you units intact.

Now the broadsides. I am torn on them, missile sides are insane with relentless.12 twin linked shots plus 12 more smaller cover and los ignoring shots are hitting 75% from mobile platforms. I love railguns, but for this list, I'd leave them for the devastation of 24 shots, especially with the amount of cover being grant nowdays (i realize those Markerlights can solve that problem). These guys should hould on to those missile drones, after all nothing helps more than 12 more missiles hitting on 4+ base (they also get a +1bs). So whatever that unit turns to will probably be mush afterward. I like it.

I would give the riptide the heavy gun for 5 points. With your list weight of fire is huge, but being able to flip that over and drop an instagig pie plate of death on TEQs is terrifying. Don't forget, wars arent just on the table, the psychological aspect of making your opponent second guess himself can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Area denial is just as important also.

If you feel like real fun, drop a squad of stealth suits, take a full squad instead, two fusion blasters with target locks, and target lock/markerlight for the vre. Put Buffmander in the unit. Everyone gets ignores cover and rerolls to hit. Your commander now has stealth and shrouded, and 4 marker drones are bs 5. So that squad is now capable of laying down the foundation of pain during the shooting phase.

I'm not sure where I stand on striker and breacher squads, so I have no input there.

Leave the bird to your missile sides and have the riptide concentrate on unit mop up.

Edit: the combined units for firing is exclusive to the large Hunter cadre formation and its sub-formations).

Also are you running the retaliation cadre with unbound strike team / stealth teams?

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Kroot Warrior
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You're right, I should have an ethereal with the firewarriors so the list is no longer unbound. I also thought the devilfish had fireports : ) apparently they don't so I'll be removing marker light and targetlock from my warrior squads and freeing up more points. I don't think Crisis teams get the fireteam special rule, so +1 BS will only be happening the turn they deep strike. Putting the commander in the stealth squad would be nice, but I'm afraid he may get decimated on turn 1 since he'll have almost no support. I split up the stealth teams so I could have 2 remote points I can choose to deep strike and it will be more difficult for the enemy to kill them both.

This is my first Tau list so I'm still learning. I do know that BS3 is eh ( My first army was Tyranids). To just get that nice marker light to ignore cover can be the difference between a squad easily surviving and being decimated.

About the Broadsides.. I looveee how the railsides look, just so badass, but I keep hearing over and over that missilesides are the way to go, and maybe that's the truth. I just figured since they had relentless and BS4 for a turn it would eliminate some of the weakness of the railguns. I play vs a ton of grey knights and other monster armies and that Nemesis Dreadknight is such a pain. ( Blinks right next to u and flames the heck out of you, then charges next turn if it doesn't die.) The reason I chose railguns is because I need to kill monsters. One riptide with an ion can't do it. I almost feel like I'll be wasting shots with the missiles if I fire at anything with a 2+ armour save. Idk maybe I'm totally wrong. I guess I can always add more fusion crisis suits or plasma suits if I'm scared of monsters.

It's funny because when I was playing Tyranids I always saw Tau as this unbeatable machine but now I'm making my own Tau lists it's def a little more complicated than I thought.
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Kroot Warrior
Join Date: Nov 2015
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Right? I play dark eldar on the side, but the tau were my first love of 40k. Stealth suits are fun, but you'll find they die. A lot. You arent far off with the problem with the bird and stealth, but the flip side is you can attach the commander to them and now they come in as part of his squad for that sweet turn 2 shinanigans. They do not however get the bonus to bs. Your devilish can weather a turn of shooting. The alternate is don't bother running the CAD, drop the fish and the strikers, take the infiltration cadre, you get your two units of stealth suits, 3 units of pathfinders and a piranha. If lyour opponent goes first he'll have a field day killing some of your squads. Up this is good for you because you'll get to drop all your reserves on turn one and they'll still get the +1 bs for coming in. Now your poor opponent won't be expecting this this early. And suddenly you're all over the board because he killed a 40 point piranha or a 44 point team of pathies. You lose a finger to take an arm. Or leg. Or both.

So how to deal with a dreadknight: look up early warning override. 5 points a model and you get interceptor shinanigans. Or counterfire defense system, allowing all your base overwatch to hit on 5+, before other modifiers. The choice is yours but I'll post my list in a few minutes
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Kroot Warrior
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Tau were also my first love but I saw a great deal on a Tyranid army and grabbed it : ). Unfortunately, Interceptor does not work on dreadknights that blink. It only works on units coming from reserves. But you know, that's ok. After looking at the coordinated firepower dataslate army and all the plasma and fusion and railguns I can be taking, I'm really not too nervous anymore lol. I almost dare him to blink close enough to use his flamer. Sure, kill my small unit of firewarriors, but be ready to watch your lovely monster get completely lit up next turn. You're right about Ion on the riptide, 72" range is amazing and will keep the enemy on his toes. If there's a flyer I can pretty much ignore it unless there's nothing else to shoot at.

Please post your army, I'd love to see it. Thanks for all the help!
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Kroot Warrior
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Could switching the unbound with optimised stealth cadre work and go ion raker with the keel/keels. They'll have an amazing cover save in the open of 3+ and could both take down infantry and go light vehicle hunting. Not to mention the ignores cover and always hitting rear of vehicles. That applies to hole formation when the stealthsuits are within 6 of a keel. You can also just do it with the keel/keels or keel/keels and a single stealthsuits unit.

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