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1000 point list for casual play
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Cool 1000 point list for casual play

Here's a list I made on Battlescribe that I could run in casual games. It uses basically every Tau model I own.
Combined Arms Detachment:
Commander: 2x Missile Pod, Iridium Battlesuit, Target Lock, Stim Injector (160)
Cadre Fireblade (60)
Stealth Team: Shas'vre, Fusion Blaster, Markerlight & Target Lock (110)
XV8 Crisis Team: Shas'vre: Cyclic Ion Blaster, Burst Cannon, ATS
2x Shas'ui: Burst Cannon, Flamer, ATS
2x Shield Drone (unit total 164)
Fire Warrior Team: 11 men total (with rifles), Devilfish w/Sensor Spines (184)
Kroot Carnivore Squad: 16 men total (96)
Fast Attack:
Piranha: Fusion Blaster, Blacksun Filter (51)
Heavy Support:
Hammerhead Gunship: Railgun w/submunitions, Longstrike, TL SMS
Total 1000
Definitely not a tournament worthy list, but could be fun to play I think. Commander joins Crisis team and uses Target Lock to shoot faraway targets while the rest of the suits pound things up close. Fireblade joins Fire Warriors (obviously). Kroot get in cover and harass the enemy. What are everyone else's thoughts?

Off topic, this is my first post on this site in almost 2 years, so most of you probably don't remember me as I didn't do much when I was here before. I'm more active on DakkaDakka these days.
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