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My Chapter, the Deltaguard
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Default My Chapter, the Deltaguard

As you can tell, I enjoy creating chapters and seeing what you people at To think. Well, here is my personal chapter, the one I use in games. have fun reading.

The Deltaguard

The Deltaguard is truly a Space Marine chapter, fighting constantly and training when not. They have fought almost every enemy imaginable. Tyranids, Eldar, Tau, and more have fallen to the sword of the Deltaguard. Usually using short ranged weapons of immense power and powerful close combat units, they rush forward in a squad of Rhinos, jumping out in time to ram into the enemy, fearing little. Devastators stand back from the fierce fighting and rip the enemy apart in a rain of bullets, or use powerful Multi-Melta’s to melt the enemy tanks and infantry where they stand. During a shooting from the Devastators of the Deltaguard piles of bodies may be seen here and there. The reside on the planet of Deltagia, a planet with jungles and large grass plains in-between. Few, however, get here, as the Deltaguard destroys whatever enemy near their beloved home world. This is the Deltaguard chapter, ones who smite the foes of the Emperor in unforgiving battles.

Never Despair and No mercy, no respite

Eye to eye
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Default Re: My Chapter, the Deltaguard

Nice, I like it. Sounds like a mix of Ultramarines, and Black Templars.

Thank you for your time.

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[taken from Adeptus Mechanicus manual]
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