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The Wandering Legions
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Default The Wandering Legions

Ok, here goes - the fluff of my composite chapter and some explanations.

"The Wandering Legions" is a broad term used to describe a number of renegade Marine chapters that have banded together for a common cause: Survival.

The first and most numerous is the Roan Wolven, a Space Wolves decendant chapter with maroon armour, highlighted with a worn copper-bronze and black. They hunt their prey patiently, and use coordinated tactics to down their enemies with furious berzerkers charging from hiding, backed up by midrange fire support, which also infiltrates early and sets up in perfect firebase positions.
The Chapter turned rogue after the Inquisition became suspicious of the lord of the chapter, who was also the greatest psyker of the legion. The Ordo Hereticus pried too deep into the dark secrets of the chapter, and a massive battle ensued after the chapter master, Roanark, hewed an Inqisitor apart with a single blow. The chapter survived, but most of their vehicles had been lost; only a mighty and ancient Dreadnaught, and a single Land Raider survived and escaped into the inky, dark void.

Contributions gamewise:
Venerable Dreadnaught
Assaulty Tactical Squads
Devestator Squad - Heavy Bolters & Plasma Cannons
Land Raider

The second of the Adeptus Astares who joined the fleeing Roan were the Peregrine Drakes, a sorrowful and proud group who also fled the Inquisitors. The story of the chapter's fall began when a powerful warrior rose to prominence; in a ferocious, jump-pack chapter, he stood above the rest. Capaign after campaign, he tore the enemies of the Emperor to peices, and was bestowed many honours and was allowed to bear the sacred relic of the chapter, a device which cleverly fitted a jump pack into four of artfully crafted wings. He became a Chaplain, and was one of the greatest warrior-myths of the time, as he never removed his helm.

The reason for his concealment became clear, however, when the Inquisition revealed the heretical truth; while long suspected of clandestine activity, it was the discovery of the Reclusiarch's true identity that damned the Peregrines - though years of studying forbidden sciences and banned teachings, the apothecaries had created a female Marine!
She fled, along with a few of her now-hated brothers, and found welcome with the Roan Wolven. She still will never flee from battle, and claims trophies of purity and sanctity that the felt should be hers by right, but as she does an evil consumes her; the mutagenic process of her creation is slowly consuming her, making her part Angel of Death, but also just as much a hideous dragonlike and falcon-formed fiend.

Contributions gamewise:
Jump Pack Reclusiarch
Assault Marine Squad

Phew! That took a while, I'll post the rest later on - the Alfenhiem battalion.

The Traits of the Chapter, in the meantime:
Fierce: Take the Fight to Them
Sombre: See, but Don't be Seen

Drawbacks: Flesh over Steel, We Stand Alone
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Default Re: The Wandering Legions

the two parts are a stark conrast,will there be a third?

Praise be to the Omnissiah.url=http://www.pickle-green.com/egraphics/main.php?id=eggs][/url]
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Default Re: The Wandering Legions

Thank you

the two parts are a stark conrast,will there be a third?
Phew! That took a while, I'll post the rest later on - the Alfenhiem battalion.
The Alfenhiem Battalion would perhaps be better known as the Alfenhiem Platoon - while they were once a powerful chapter, they have been isolated and diminished, forgotten by the Imperium for centuries. Alfenhiem, the world they call home, is a rogue world, with no true sun of it's own. The dark woodland world has bred lethal gurrila fighters, tall and lithe, arrogant but skillfull. They are almost exclusively made up of Scouts, their few heavy weapons and suits of power armour entrusted to the vernerated ancients of the chapter. With the arrival of the Wandering Legions, they exchanged their formidable ranged fighting prowess for equipment, goods, and technology that had been denied them so long.

Next up, when I get off my lazy arse and modify that useless interactive painter thing, the colours and style guide - models when I finish painting them, Roanark just needs an arm!
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