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700 Points list (first one ever)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 700 Points list (first one ever)

I think this list is 700 points but each time i added it up it was different but i am pretty sure it is 700 points. I dont know about tactics yet but i think i will use a spearhead formation with the tank and dred up front near the captain and the squads behind. Tear it to bits !!

Lightning Claw
Bolt Pistol
Artificer Armour
Master Crafted Weapon

Assault Cannon
Missile Launcher
Smoke Launchers

10 Space Marines

10 Space Marines
Missile launcher

Predator Destructor
Las-cannon Sponsons
Smoke Launchers
Pintol Mounted Storm Bolter

I dont have the BRB so if some of my desisions arnt allowed pleese tell me. Also because i dont have the BRB (next on my shopping list) i dont know what the lightning claws ect rules are but they sound an look cool. I am pretty sure though that i have an equal ammount of light killing stuff and heavy killing stuff. ;D
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Default Re: 700 Points list (first one ever)

The assault cannon's range is so short that I wouldn't take the missile launcher, leave the close combat arm and put a flamer on it. Think about dropping some points somewhere and make the dreadnaught venerable.

which weapon is mastercrafted, the claw or the pistol?

Actually, I'd change the cappy to a chappy, and have him join the squad with the flamer.

drop the storm bolter and the smoke launchers from the predator.

split the 10 man squad with the missile launcher into 2x5, both with missile launchers.
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