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anti-marine sentiments
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Old 14 Sep 2005, 01:05   #1 (permalink)
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Default anti-marine sentiments

ok, folks, i just discovered a nice little pile of the digital equivalent of steaming dog-mush left behind in the "most-hated enemy" thread...unfortunately, i discovered it too late to actually do anything serious about it...

in future, any pointless drivel about how "marines suck" or "marines are cheesy", or any useless drivel like that. please feel free to report it to me, thet way i can have nice little words with whichever painful prick left 'em behind (the obvious exception to this is chapter rivalry...if you play a well-known and relatively common chapter, you gotta learn to take a few friendly and sometimes unfriendly jibes...if they really start worrying you, tho, feel free to come to me, and i'll make my own judgement)
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Default Re: anti-marine sentiments

I'll give you a doggy biscuit if you repent... ;D
Due to an error in translation, the isolated colony of T'ves'kal'dai mistakenly worshiped the greater goose for seven generations. Reeducation efforts continue.

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Default Re: anti-marine sentiments

Don't worry, I'll report >
I'm back?

Thinking of something appropriate to put into ym sig as of now...
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