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To anyone posting a Marine list, the sequel.
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Default To anyone posting a Marine list, the sequel.

When I posted the first topic on this it was intended as a word of caution as a result of how diffrent people play their army.* Since each person is unique you can often wind up with diffrent lists that work effectively in different ways.* That was written back during third edition, but it applies just as much if not more now in fourth as it did then.* Now however I'm wanting to look a bit more at selecting a list rather than posting one.

You have a lot foe choices when it comes to making a list.* I'm not just talking units either.* Wargear, choices and options in a given unit and the traits system means that more than ever you got alot to consider when it comes to making up your list.* the upcoming Chapter specific codex for Black Templars, Dark Angels, Blood Angels and Space Wolves are likely to follow form and might even have rules for setting up varying child chapters of these big four.* When you consider it all and all the possible combinations the task can almost seem daunting.* Like everything though, if you break it down into steps your going to be able to handle it.* You probably already y do some of this without even thinking about it.*

The first thing you probably want to do is figure out what you want your army to do overall.* Would you rather race right in and take the foe hand to hand, or would you rather pick your enemies off from afar?* Does the idea of tonnes of armour rumbling across the field make you giddy or do you prefer to put your trust in your war-hardend men?* Do you want to do one thing really well or a jack of all trades, ready to exploit weaknesses to win? Are you going to use traits, or go straight vanilla?*

That last one is important to consider.* What traits and drawbacks you decide to go with with effect the choices you have open to you when it comes to choosing what you want in your army.* Your going to have a hard time of it if you decide to take something like Flesh over Steel and then decide you want a tank heavy army!* Once you have a general idea of what you want your army to be like you can get around to choosing the individual units.

So, now you need to choose the right men and machines to carry out your plans. Of course you have to take the minimum Two troops and an HQ and in that there is still a fair number of choices.* The standard marine list offers a total of three HQ choices, each of which have two versions and access to the entire Marine armoury. There are also two troop choices, each of which has several options as to Heavy and assault weapons as well as upgrades tot he Sgt, which in turn gives him access to wargear.* So how do you choose?*

Well, if you answered the previous questions you have some idea of how you want them to work....eventually.* At this point things are pretty limited but you should have some idea of what you want them to do.* There is one thing you should keep in mind, How does this unit fit with the rest of my army?*

This probably is the most important question in my opinion because it is not any one unit that wins the game, but how well it works with the rest in following your strategy.* Devastators are no good unless there are tactical squads or scouts to take objectives.* Terminators are easily overwhelmed with numbers unless other units help to thin the ranks, or keep enemy squads busy.* By making sure your choices compliment each other you help to patch up any weaknesses that particular units might have.* *

That said, don't expect the same tactics to work all the time either.* One big weakness about marines, despite the impressive stat line, there is always someone out ther better.* Rushing guard might win you the game but pulling the same tactics with a Tyranid player will just wind you up in a world of hurt.* This doesn't mean an army built for a specific task is weaker than an all-round army, it just means you have to know how to adjust.* Using the above example if you have an assault oriented army.* Instead of rushing them you might hold back and let what little heavy weapons you have thin the ranks a bit.* Then once they get closer move to counter attack one unit. This way you are focusing your army on a small part of his.*

Another thing to keep in mind is that depending on the size of game your playing.* What works well in 1,000 points might not work at 2,000 and vice versa.* Landraiders are impressive and can be an effective tank and transport, but in a smaller game they take up alot of points!* By the same idea having masses of tactical squads instead of more specialized units can be a bit of hindrance in a larger game as they are not as effective at taking out specific types of targets.* Taking a turn to shoot out the Russ with a rocket launcher means there are alot of bolters that weren't hitting those incoming conscripts.*

Don't worry if you change your lists over time. As you learn and try things out you might find the ideas you started out with don't fit with how you find yourself playing.* you might also find that something work in diffrent ways than how you expected or find a you prefer a different type of tactic.* I have in the course of playing Marines gone form shooty to assault oriented and back again.

So there you have it, some basic guidelines to how to construct a list.* Keep in mind what you want to do.* Make sure your units work well with each other. Don't be scared to change your tactics to suit your enemy.* Make sure you consider the size of the game when weighing up the units.* It may not seem like much but it it should help no matter what type of list your making.
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Default Re: To anyone posting a Marine list, the sequel.

That's a great bit of work! That exactly what I needed, inspiration and good words. Now my salamanders will be excellantly constructed!


Goob job!
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.
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Default Re: To anyone posting a Marine list, the sequel.

I would have thought you knew how to build an army by now and wouldn't need any additional words. You've been a member for some time yourself and probably are considered one of the mroe respectable types on here.

This was more for all the newer member we have that have been asking for help on where to start a list. It was the best advice I could think of without making it sound like there were certain guidlines to lists that you need to conform to. It just took me a while to get it written out.
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Default Re: To anyone posting a Marine list, the sequel.

Well, thanks for the kind words. You can't deny it yourself, you're respected and loved too! :-*

The guideline was a good help because I've never started Space marine before, and since it's Space Marine oriented with space marine examples, you got me covered.

Well, thanks a bunch, you really deserve more the a pat on the back!


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.
-Will Durant
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Default Re: To anyone posting a Marine list, the sequel.

Nice stuff you wrote there Spiritbw. Since the release of the new SM 'dex, I wanted to give my Salamanders the punch they lost because of GW. It seems that great minds think alike 'cause I've been doing that before I read your 2 threads about posting army lists!

Keep it up!

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Default Re: To anyone posting a Marine list, the sequel.

Very nice. Awesome.

Too bad I don't really need it, as all I ever have played is marines....*takes a glance and takes notes on Spiritbw's speech*

Now I'm good to go O0
I'm back?

Thinking of something appropriate to put into ym sig as of now...
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