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Kroot Warrior
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Default Question?!

I have a friend that is using eldar but has made his army so that i cant really do much with terminators. i can still use them its just that he has people who can kill my terminators easy. so what should i do or get?
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Default Re: Question?!

Dont rely on terminators then. If he is fielding an army with the purpose of killing your termies dont use them or just dont rely on them. To kill termies you need large, low AP weapons that arent usually very high rate of fire. So field a lot of tactical marines instead. Or if its really tough things use tactical marine squads and put heavy weapons in them. That way you can soak up fire while still bringing down his large nasties, like wraithlords and avatars and fire prisms.

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Default Re: Question?!

lemme guess, he brings like 75 starcannons in 1000 points? : switch to IG and bring two maxed out conscript platoons, along with two normal platoons. 170 models ought to do it... ;D
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Question?!

hi, in your situation id say the terminators are probably a waste of vaulable points that could be more useful spent on other things. I would maybe introduce some more armour and heavy weapons to deal with these starcannons etc. Also a handy trick would be to take a small jump jet squad ( assault squad if you like ) equip them with melta bombs, sneak along the table top, then spring a charge and jump next to a vehicle. Use the melta bomb and hopefully bobs your uncle, no more nasty eldar tank thingy.

If he has troops that are particulary good against power armour ( marines, termies etc.) take either a Vindicare assasin or even a scout squad equip with sniper rifles to deal with them at long range , and can infiltrate to a good position.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Question?!

Starcannons do bad things to terminators, I have only used terms once and they did well, but my friend and fellow SM player uses 10-15 per battle and against Eldar they REALY get chewed up.
Starcannons usually end up mounted on vehicles, so IF you think you can handle not ignoring those beautifully bolters, put a las cannon and plasma gun in your tac squads. Missile launchers can be nice too, but they tend to only get 1 or 2 models in a blast and a las cannon works out as a much better option in my opinion.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Question?!

HEY shaunt.

anyway I'm the up and coming eldar player planning on destroying him, but its just not hI'm im mainly looking to kill a grey knights player. also i only have 68 guardians, 1 brightlance, and 2 missile launchers. NO HQ!! I'm getting a farseer soon but little short on cash for a while. my allowance is FOOD!!! any way I'm looking for a balanced army with fire power (D-cannons S: 10 AP:2), mobility and excellent hand to hand (banshees). any way i figured id be nice so you could give him some advice.

Oh and ill probably get reapers after the farseer bye bye marines:::maniacal laughter:::
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