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teleport homer issue
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Default teleport homer issue

If I give a teleport homer to my assult marines, and they emplace it, does it take an entire turn?

I want to jump to within rapid fire range, drop the homing device, jump away next turn and teleport in shooty terminators.

Is this doable?

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Default Re: teleport homer issue

Actually, you d'ont have to drop the homer on the field. As long as the model equiped with it is on the table, you can use it to teleport Termies. So, if you equip your AS Sarge with a homer, the Termies will teleport up to 6" away from you AS, where ever the squad is when the Termies become available for Deep Striking.

Hope that makes sens! ^-^

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Default Re: teleport homer issue

basically, when the termies teleport in, if they want to use the model with the homer as a guide, place the first teleporting model within 6" of the model with the homer, then place the rest around him as per deepstrike rules. Generally accepted as the best way to do this is put the homer on the sergeant of a scout squad, infiltrate the scouts, and hope they're still alive when the terminators come out of reserves...a little risky, but very nasty if they pop out in the faces of someone hoping to assault the scouts. Oh, and it works even if they're in CQC, so long as the model with the homer is alive. Even funnier than the scenario above is if the scouts get charged, lose combat, run, and then summon the terminators right on top of whoever was trying to kill them. having a homer doesn't mean you have to use it. if they homer-toting hippie is out of position, or enemy action dictates that the terminators come in somewhere else, you always have the option of deepstriking elsewhere normally.
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