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Starting Blood Angels - Do Furioso Dreads live long enough?
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Default Starting Blood Angels - Do Furioso Dreads live long enough?

I'm contemplating starting a Blood Angels army. (list can be found here http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=10998.0)

Basically, I'm curious. I've got a lot of Dreadnaughts in that list and I know Dreads are high on my priority target list. I've never played against somebody using Blood Angels before. For those who have played before using Furiosos... Do they even tend to live to get into close combat or are they basically a points sink? And - if they do tend to be a points sink what can you recommend in their place?
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Default Re: Starting Blood Angels - Do Furioso Dreads live long enough?

Because Furioso's are slow and have no long range weaponry, they are low on my target priority list. Given the rest of a Blood Angels army that is flying down the table in their over-charged engino Rhinos, most Furioso's live for a few turns while the rest of the BA army is getting shot at / assaulted.

With so many armies with rending, squads with powerfists, and the ability to use meltabombs in hand to hand w/o having to immobilize it, dreadnoughts in general are often exploitable in hand to hand. If you plan on fielding a dreadnought heavy army, I'd recommend making sure a good majority of your army moves slowly to support it. And for the points, I'd rather give my dreadnought a LasCannon or Assault Cannon to shoot with for a turn or 3. Dreadnoughts are still tough, but they aren't the walking Death in a Can they used to be.

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