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Dark Angels Fallen Army
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Default Dark Angels Fallen Army

Well I was reading fluff on the Dark Angels and I noticed that the fallen are not necicarily chaos, so I was wondering where they stand and if you could make a space marine army that is comprised of fallen and how that would work.

I mean what would the loyalties be? Many of the fallen in the fluff still seem to be loyal to the emperor so not chaos, they hate aliens so not Tau and are hunted by the Dark Angels so not regular SM, hmm... other? Would make identifying them for a tournament or campaign rather difficult.

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Default Re: Dark Angels Fallen Army

get index astartes, i don't know which one, but theres some ides=as andthings there, but i guess the fallen would have dark angels units...
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Default Re: Dark Angels Fallen Army

I would use the Space Marine Chapter Traits rules to make it. As for allies in the old Chaos rule book (with Cypher in it) it said that Cypher could be taken by Imperial Guard or Chaos (one White Dwarf battle report had Night Lords and Cypher vs. Dark Angels)
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Also Hive Tyrant Horror has one of the best ideas around in my opinion. ;D
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