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Terminator-Tac Marine Compatibility?
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Old 25 Aug 2005, 15:08   #1 (permalink)
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Default Terminator-Tac Marine Compatibility?

I want to carry the nordic theme of my Marines over to my Terminator squad, without spending almost as much again on resins or (frankly, quite ugly) Wolf Guard Terminators.

Is it possible to exchange heads and torsos, with cutting, filing, and grafting from the SW accesory sprue, or will I have to go Forge World? Any help on the compatability of the two would be appreciated.
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Default Re: Terminator-Tac Marine Compatibility?

The Dwarf regiment for fantasy has lots of viking style horns.....and for Norse capes, these can be made easily using Green Stuff. Just don't do what my mate did and forget to make it look furry....what he did left one of his marines with a security blanket.

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Default Re: Terminator-Tac Marine Compatibility?

hey now, even marines want a security blanket occasionally.... why can't people accept that?

The Chaos warriors sprue (for fantasy) might also be a good place to look, as they are the "Northern Barbarians" in the fantasy world. They also might fit the Termies better than the Stuntie helmets.
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Default Re: Terminator-Tac Marine Compatibility?

Thanks for the input, but I'm sorry to say I have no idea where you are coming from - all I need to know is if the Tactical Marine front torso can be modified to replace the front torso of a Terminator. I didn't even mention "stuntie helmets"...
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Default Re: Terminator-Tac Marine Compatibility?

i'm not sure about the new termies, i suspect that they'll be somewhat incompatible with the stuff from the SW sprue, most likely cos they'll be too small. the heads might be fine with a little work tho

oh, and the suggestions these guys have given you are places where you can find some nicely wolfy accssories away from the standard space wolf range
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Default Re: Terminator-Tac Marine Compatibility?

Ahh, thanks for the assistance - I suppose I'll get the Terminators first and open them up to see if it's possible to swap torsos - not having to dish out another $30+ for the FW conversion kit will be nice.
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