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Making Your Own Chapter Q&A
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Default Making Your Own Chapter Q&A

i have a question. If i want to create my own Smurf chapter, can i use some of the special rules, vehicles, etc. of a preexisting chapter. I know im making a significant change chapter and therefore get two Advantages and 1 major or minor dis. I was just wondering because i wanted to know if i could use something like Blood Angels Furioso or the Baal.
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Default Re: Making Your Own Chapter Q&A

The only way you could use the Baal or the Furioso is if you used the Blood Angels rules. It doesn't hav eto actually be the Blood Angels, you can make them whatever you want. However you must use ALL the rules to be able to field these units and you must let your opponent know that you are using the Blood Angels rules.
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Default Re: Making Your Own Chapter Q&A

what spirit said...these variant armies get certain specialities to counter certain disadvantages or add a touch of individuality or add character to a chapter
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Default Re: Making Your Own Chapter Q&A

So...could you say it was a blood angels succesor chapter?
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Default Re: Making Your Own Chapter Q&A

Originally Posted by AfterCresent
So...could you say it was a blood angels succesor chapter?
You could do that. You could also come up with your own reasons for why your chapter developed the way it did. There are rules for the tabletop but really none for writting the fluff. Jsut make sure you at least keep the major fluff in mind if your publishing it though.
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