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who says Tau are cr*p ?
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Default who says Tau are cr*p ?

Who says Tau are cr*p, I ate a Deathwing army today!.
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Default Re: who says Tau are cr*p ?

you ate plastic .... j/k

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Default Re: who says Tau are cr*p ?

You&#39;re really wierd, as you posted this in the space marine board, and it&#39;ll probably get locked.
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Default Re: who says Tau are cr*p ?

Nobody says the Tau are crap.

There is no point in this post at all, if you want to tell us how the battle went, write a battle report.

If you want to give Deathwing players some advice on what to look out for in a Tau army, do that and make something like a tactica/guide.

Do not spam (you also are flame baiting by pretty much saying that Marine players say Tau are crap).

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