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Screaming Cobras - Revisited :
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Default Screaming Cobras - Revisited :

[size=16pt]Screaming Cobras[/size]


The origins of the Screaming Cobras lie at the end of M.36. In the wake of the events of the Age of Apostasy the Imperium was reeling, out on the Eastern Fringe the Imperium was beset by Orks from the Empire of Alsanta. With the Orks rampaging through Imperial systems it was decreed by Sebastian Thor that 5 new Chapters of Space Marines would be created to protect the Imperium from this threat.

It is not sure which Chapter the Screaming Cobras Gene-Seed originates from although it is suggested in some circles that they are founded from both the Gene-Seed of the Space Wolves and White Scars, there is no proof to this claim and it is greatly refuted by the Space Wolves themselves . From where their Gene-Seed originates the Screaming Cobras care very little, being the fiercely independent and unruly Chapter that they are.

The newly formed Chapters were apportioned a Battle-Barge, a number of Strike Cruisers and Several Rapid Strike vessels each, from a variety of Chapters fleets, most notably the Ultramarines in a sign of good will towards these new Chapters that they would be working closely with on the Eastern Fringe.

Of the 5 Chapters created it is thought that two were created from the Gene-Seed of the Blood Angels. The first of these Chapters, the Crimson Ravens decided that instead of building their strength and defending out-lying regions, they would take the fight straight to the Orks. The Red Mentors, having been born of the same Gene-Seed were compelled by a sense of duty to accompany their brother Chapter. They struck at the heart of the Ork Empire, trying to collapse its power base, but they were under equipped and unprepared for the size of the Ork fleet defending the heart of their Empire. Unbeknownst to them, this was the gathering of an Ork Waaagh that would have easily swept away many systems.

They fought bravely but could not hope to defeat the Ork masses, the Crimson Ravens sold their dearly lives in a rear guard action that would allow the Red Mentors to try and set up a defensive position on a large nearby moon. The Crimson Ravens Battle Barge was the last ship to fall, ramming the Ork Hulk at the heart of the Ork Fleet and self destructing moments after all the surviving Marines had launched towards the nearest Ork vessels on assault boats and Thunderhawks. These Marine boarding parties caused huge disruption on a great many Ork ships and forced the Orks to delay the pursuit of the Red Mentors.

By this time the Red Mentors had set up a defensive position, two badly damaged Strike Cruisers had to make crash landings on the moon due to the damage sustained in the engagement with the Orks. These formed the basis of the defence. The Orks come in their hundreds of thousands. But the Red Mentors fought with a ferocity born from the sense of loss for their brother Chapter, born of desperation and anger. It was a month before the Red Mentors were finally wiped out. Captain Kreor of the 4th Company was the last to fall, dying on the bridge of one of the crashed Strike Cruisers, scores of Orks dead at his feet.

This reckless attack had given the Screaming Cobras and other Chapters time to establish themselves on a homeworld.

After the blow the Orks had been dealt by the Red Mentors and Crimson Ravens, the three remaining Chapters easily managed to destroy the now depleted Ork Waaagh as it left the Empire of Alsanta piecemeal.


The fleet of the Screaming Cobras observed many planets but none had a suitable human stock for recruitment. This search brought the Chapter closer and closer to the Ork Empire until it found world of Nabak.

It was thought that this world had been lost decades earlier to rampaging Ork cults of speed. Yet the Chapter found Humans on the planet. Nabak was a wasteland, Its cities in ruin and abandoned, yet the planet was rife with activity, both Ork and Human. Thousands of small bands roamed the wastelands in ramshackle trucks and gun-buggies, both Orks and Humans, fighting over the last vestiges of fuel [and anything else of value] on the planet most of which must have been expended in trying to defend themselves from the initial Ork attack. These Orks must have been stranded when their main fleet had left after taking all they wanted from the world and destroying its cities.

After a few days of observing the planet from orbit the Chapter noticed that the small bands of each race were gathering for what looked like all out war. They amassed on the wasteland plains, hundreds of thousands of gun-buggies, bikes and trucks. The Chapter wanted to go to the aid of the Humans but Chapter Master Azkar denied them, wanting to know whether these people were of a good enough warrior stock to be considered as recruits to be Space Marines.

The two forces clashed, Orks against Humans. Each side speeding towards the other in their vehicles, sending up huge dust clouds from the wastes, obscuring the battle from the Chapter in orbit. When the dust cleared after 2 days of endless fighting all that was left were Humans, in a graveyard of destroyed vehicles and smashed corpses. Only a quarter of the original Human force had survived, but they had prevailed.

This was what the Chapter needed. A stock of warriors, warriors that already had a hatred of Orks. After the great battle the army broke up again into small warbands and continued their way of life, fighting each other for vehicles, for fuel and for survival on the harsh world that was Nabak.

The Chapter built their Fortress-Monastery on a giant plateau, the roving bands had no way of reaching the top and it seemed to be made of a rock stronger than any of the materials the Chapter had at their disposal.

Up until this point the Chapter had been given no official name, possibly because it had no official parent Chapter. But after a few weeks on the planet the Marines noticed a strange creature that roamed the wasteland. Huge snakes that could grow up to 40ft long and almost 5ft thick although most were the size of the ancient Terran snake the anaconda. These snakes had folds of skin around their heads which they flair out and display to impress potential mates, however due to gash shaped tares in these folds of skin, (which seems to be a natural occurrence that is present from birth rather than any wounds gained from fighting) when the snakes strike, or raise their head into the strong winds of the wasteland plains it causes a horrific screaming sound which is often enough to paralyse its prey. The larger snakes could sometimes attack and kill a whole warband alone. It is from these creatures that the Chapter derived its name.

The Chapter watches the warbands fight and battle amongst themselves and after a particularly brutal battle they will descend from the plateau in Thunderhawks and take with them those survivors which fought best during the conflict. This sometimes can be the entirety of the victorious warband. They are then told to hunt the biggest cobra that they can find in the wastes. To these people who have been away from civilisation for decades the Marines themselves are almost seen as gods and whatever they command will be done. Most of these warbands are destroyed in trying to slay the largest cobras they can find of which the truly giant beasts live at the centre of the ruined cities. Those that do complete the task tie the cobras giant carcass to the back of their vehicles and drag it back to the holy plateau and wait for a response. If the Chapter does not deem the size of the beast sufficient the warband will be left to starve at the base of the plateau in the blistering heat of the wastes, none would dare leave because the off-chance off becoming a mighty Space Marine is too strong a lure to resist.
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Default Re: Screaming Cobras - Revisited :

[size=14pt]Combat Doctrine[/size]

The Screaming Cobras, ever since witnessing the battle that resulted in their choosing of Nabak for their home world have been influenced heavily by the inhabitants of Nabakís way of war.

The planet is perfectly suited for training in the use of mechanised formations and Attack Bikes. The Chapter has difficulty in maintaining Land Speeders due to the fine dust of the wasteland plains. Training exercises are carried out on these plains where enormous sand wyrms are hunted, as are the cobras from which the Chapters name is derived. The speed and ferocity of these creatures also makes it valuable for fast, fire-power heavy forces to be used.

The way in which the Chapter recruits is also a defining factor in the way that they go to war. As it is often the case that whole groups or warbands from the planet are recruited at a time, these groups are often very close knit and their old warband/clan loyalties die hard. It has been found that breaking up these groups often leads to a detrimental effect on combat effectiveness. This further adds to the Chapters unruly nature. They care little for Imperial rule and are very independent. Their way of warfare that consists of many Attack Bikes and Razor Back mounted squads, which closely resembles the style of gun-buggies and trucks of the warriors of Nabak, is often criticized for not following the Codex Astrates.

Squads will often have their own personalized transports which no other squad is permitted to use.

The chapter goes to war accompanied by the deep guttural roars of engines echoing across that battle field as scores of Attack Bikes and Razorbacks encircle the enemy, picking off key targets and then quickly withdrawing before any serious response can be made.

The Screaming Cobras have had 4000 years experience in fighting Orks and their fast formations are often enough to heavily disrupt any Ork incursions coming from the Alsanta Empire. They have also proved themselves to be very effective against other alien races such as the Tau. The Screaming Cobras homeworld conditions being very similar to the worlds the Tau like to colonise make them perfectly suited for dealing with the environment and situations that arise when assaulting Tau colonies. They are also one of the few Chapters who can keep pace with the Tauís very mobile style of warfare.

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Default Re: Screaming Cobras - Revisited :

I like what I read!!! Nice stuff, you really have a unique Chapter there! I can't wait to read more espacially about the Traits you'll use and the scheme.

Keep on the good ingenious work!

Chaplain Thu'Ook
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Default Re: Screaming Cobras - Revisited :

Thanks Chaplain Thu'Ook.

Only : Organisation, Beliefs, Gene-seed, Battle-Cry to come for the fluff :.

Then theres traits, sample army lists and a tactica :-\. Oh well, I'll get there.............eventually.
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Default Re: Screaming Cobras - Revisited :

That's wicked Veq!

Totally awesome. O0

I'm actually not sure what to say, but I'd definatly like to see more.
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Default Re: Screaming Cobras - Revisited :

very cool 8)

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