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My Grand Tournament army list Mk I
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Old 03 Aug 2005, 23:47   #1 (permalink)
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Default My Grand Tournament army list Mk I

Okay so I have two months to get ready, this is my planned list, and it has played a few games and won them all. But what do you guys think?

The army is designed to pour firepower into the enemy and then sweep in and clear the survivors. However if pushed it will just sit and do te sad normal mariine thing of st there and shoot...

1500 Pts - The Sons of Golgotha

Captain Tiberius Macealius Tyranus @ 91 Pts
Bolt Pistol; Power Weapon; Terminator Honors

Terminator Squad (5 marines) @ 240 Pts
Assault Cannon (x2)

Devastator Squad Decimus (5 marines) @ 170 Pts
Count as Elites; Missile Launcher (x4); Tank Hunters

Tactical Squad Primus (6 marines)@ 234 Pts
Plasmagun; Plasmagun
Lead by Veteran Sergeant Lucius Artorius Isatis
Terminator Honors; Power Fist; Teleport Homer
Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter; Extra Armor; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers

Tactical Squad Secundus (5 marines) @ 100 Pts
Lascannon; Plasmagun

Tactical Squad Tertius (5 marines) @ 100 Pts
Lascannon; Plasmagun

Tactical Squad Quintus (5 marines) @ 90 Pts

Tactical Squad Sextus (5 marines) @ 179 Pts
Plasmagun; Plasmagun
Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter; Extra Armor; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers

Devatator Squad Nonus (5 marines) @135 Pts
Heavy Bolter (x4)

Land Speeder Squadron (1 Landspeeder) Octavus @ 80 Pts
Heavy Bolter; Assault Cannon

Land Speeder Squadron Septimus (1 Landspeeder) @ 80 Pts
Heavy Bolter; Assault Cannon

Total Roster Cost: 1499
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Old 04 Aug 2005, 00:20   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: My Grand Tournament army list Mk I

I would drop one of the 5 man squads and bulk up your Devi squads.

Devi squads with only 5 Marines in are a big risk as it only takes 1 casualty untill you start losing fire-power and untill the enemy kills off those high points cost models.

You will almost be able to make each squad 8 Marines strong by dropping one of those 5 man squads.

Other than that I like the list.
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Default Re: My Grand Tournament army list Mk I

Yeah, min sized squads tend to get munched, specially at tourneys.* If you go like this your going to get chewed up right away. Also I dislike putting something as highend as a lascannon in what is basicly a troops squad. It's nice, but it usually means your squads are at cross purposes. If you must take Lascannons better to put them in the dev squads and pass the rocket launchers around to the tacticals as they can get more use out of them. I think however you will find that Heavy Bolters and Rocketlaunchers will serve you well. Even the toughest armour has to fail if it's being nailed by four rockets a turn.
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Old 07 Aug 2005, 13:06   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: My Grand Tournament army list Mk I

For me the list looks quite boring. Will it be fun to play with and play against? It seems you you will just sit there and shoot and hope for the best.
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Old 07 Aug 2005, 19:09   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: My Grand Tournament army list Mk I

It's a tournament list, it's built to win.

And it has Razorbacks in, of course it will be fun to play with/against. They are hardly the 'best' and most 'efficient' unit SM have.

As for the list itself, I wouldn't drop any of your Troops choices. Instead I'd drop a Razorback to get the points for extra bodies. You could always use a 6 man devi squad with a 2:1 ratio of Marines/Marines with Heavy weapons. You won't be as mobile but you'll be able to take out an important unit without worrying about losing a heavy weapon or 2 in later turns. It's worth it.

Tac Squad Primus in it's entirety is actually a bit iffy. It's a nice fun unit, but at 6 Models, after the initial short range firefight your CC phase could be very one sided if you actually go up against a Unit tailored for CC arather than shooting, like yours is.

I'd be tempted to swap them for an Assault Squad and give that Vet Sarge the Homer and Powerfist. You have enough points to make a strong unit and they can Deep Strike should you want to.Melta Bombs make ideal tank Hunters and Plasma Pistols and Flamers are great against MEQ/Horde. It would add a lot more flexibilty to your army and be more beneficial IMO.

Sextus is nice, but a bit of a points sink, you could be better things with the points. But then you wouldnt be as mobile. As you are now its a mobile but relatively fragile squad. 2 plasma guns, rapidfiring, could cause a wound and such a small and expensive squad shouldnt be used as a plasma delivery system. They arent big enough for anything else, and they're pricey foe what they do. Leave that kind of thing to Guard suicide squads

It's your list and these are just suggestions however. I hope you make a list your your happy with overall.

Good Luck, I'm sure we'll hear from you before the tourney.
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