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Black Templars Army Help
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Black Templars Army Help

I'm just getting back into Warhammer 40k, and I have a Black Templars Army, that I've finally finished constructing. I'm currently about 1/2 of the way painting, and I started realizing that I didn't have much of an idea about how my army should have been set up. I'm starting to realize that I may have invested several years ago in units that are becoming more obsolete.
I'd like to be able to field around 2k in points, but having a 3k pt army would be nice, to try to get into some big battles.
My army list idea for 2000 points follows, and I'd like to know what you think:

High Marshal Helbrecht 175 points.

Master of Sanctity, jump pack, bolt pistol, Frag and Crack grenades 135 points.

Emperor's Champion, Accept Any Challenge Vow, 140 points

Crusader Squad Alpha: 6 models: 5 with Bolters, 1 with a Lascannon, mounted in Razorback #1. 111 points (razorback cost not added to this total)

Crusader Squad Bravo: 9 models: 7 with CCW and pistol, 1 with a meltagun, 1 with a powerfist. All have frag and krak grenades. Mounted in a Rhino. 215 points ( Rhino points not included.)

Crusader Squad Charlie: 6 models: 1 with a plasma gun, 1 with a lascannon, 4 with bolters. Mounted on Razorback #2. 117 points. (Razorback not included in points.)

Transports for Crusader Squads:

Razorback #1: Armed with Twin Linked Heavy bolter, Pintle mounted storm bolter, smoke grenades, extra armor. 88 points

Razorback #2: Armed with Twin linked Lascannons, smoke grenades, extra armor. 98 points.

Rhino: Armed with Pintle mounted storm bolter, smoke grenades, PotMS, extra armor. 98 points

Sword Brethren Terminator Assault Squad: 7 models: all are armed with twin Lightning Claws, given Furious Charge Skill. Mounted in a LRC. 301 points. LRC points not included.

LRC given extra armor and smoke launchers. 273 points.

Fast attack:
Assault Squad. 10 models. 2 plasma pistols, 1 power fist with bolt pistol, 7 with CCW and Bolt pistols. all but the powerfist have melta bombs.

Total points:1997

The plan is to have the two razorback provide mobile fire support and small troop destruction. The EC attaches to Crusader Squad Bravo, and Helbrecht attaches to the Terminator squad. They drive deep and using the fire support squads as a cover, they offload in the middle of the action. The Master of Sanctity attaches to the assault squad, unless I want to deep strike them in, or am I allowed to have the Master of Sanctity attached to the assault squad and deep strike them all in?

I don't know if I should drop an assault squad member or two to get blessed armor for the LRC.

I also don't own several of the units, IE 1 razorback, the Terminators, and the LRC. I'm trying to get a feel for what people think of my idea before I go blow the money and regret it later.

I have several other options available, was thinking of drop podding a Dreadnought, though I don't know what that would replace? I can get a predator annihilator, with lascannon sponsons, to replace a fire support if needing some more AT action.

Ideas? Criticism? Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Kroot Warrior
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Wow, no one commented? Is my list so awesome it has struck everyone speechless? LOL

I've been thinking about this list and I'm starting to think that it will work in most situations. I can replace one of the 6 man squads and rhinos with a Tri Las Predator to deal with heavy mech armies, or a Dread with Multi melta and CCW.

Please let me know what you think, any criticism or ideas to beef up or trim some fat off the list.
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Kroot Warrior
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Dude, LRC's come with extra armour.
Don't waste points on power of machine spirit on a rhino. Just give it extra armour. It really does not need to shoot, as it should be moving as fast as possible.

I would swap out some of the lightening claw terminators for ones with thunderhammers and storm shields.

You should not be fielding guys with bolters. Templar are designed for CC. Arm them as such. Also, I would suggest looking into getting some land speeder typhoons. The new FAQ made them really awesome. 70 points for 2 ML shots and a heavy bolter... WIN
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Kroot Warrior
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Yeah, i've updated the list since then:

Here's my Army List v2.0

Marshal: Terminator Honors, Single Lightning Claw, Storm Shield

Emperor's Champion: Accept All Challenges

HQ Total: 275


Crusader Squad Alpha: 9 Models, 1 power fist, 1 flamer, 7 CCW + BP. Mounted in a Rhino with EA and Smoke and search light. Emperor's Champion attached.

Crusader Squad Bravo: 9 models, 1 power fist, 1 flamer, 7 CCW + BP. Mounted in a Rhino with EA and Smoke, search light. Marshal is attached to this Squad.

Crusader Squad Charlie: 6 Models, 1 las cannon, 1 plasma gun. Mounted in a Las Back with EA and Smoke and search light.

Troop Total: 658


Sword Brethren Terminator Assault Squad: 5 Models, all have paired Lightning Claws and Furious Charge. Mounted in an LRC with EA and Smoke and search light.

Elite Total: 483

Fast Attack:

Land Speeder Typhoon Alpha with MM
Land Speeder Typhoon Bravo with MM
Land Speeder Typhoon Charlie with MM

Fast attack Total: 210

Heavy Support:

Auto/Las Predator with EA, Smoke, and PotMS.
Auto/Las Predator with EA, Smoke, and PotMS.

Heavy Support Cost: 326

Cost comes out to be 1997 points.

WHatcha think?
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I run a similar 1750 list for my Knights of Gryphonne (use Black Templars Rules). I don't run any assault squads because two of my troops choices are outfitted with bolt pistols and chainswords and are in Rhinos (think its cheaper in the long run). It is a very troop heavy list. I also run two 6-man squads with bolters and heavy weapons in Razorbacks as a mobile fire. I love the Land Raider Crusader for my HQ command squad. Also I put the Emperor's Champion in with one of the Rhino squads to give it a lil more punch in close combat. The list also contains two Predators (Auto Cannon & Las sponsons).
Overall it is a fun list to play with but I have gotten beat by my brother-in-laws Ork hoard on a few occasions being overwhelmed in close combat. If I were to add something to make it 2000pts. I'd certainly have to go with some Terminators with Hammers & Shields and deep strike them where they are needed most on the field.
"While the races of the galaxy tear one another apart, the Tau grow stronger and stronger." Ummm, not until they get a new codex.
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Kroot Shaper
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Originally Posted by prof_sicarius View Post
You should not be fielding guys with bolters. Templar are designed for CC. Arm them as such.
Personal opinion, not fact.

The fact is that the Templars can do shooting as well as, or better, than most other armies out there. And certainly better than other MEQ armies. You listed one such reason: the Typhoon for 70 points.

You also have dual-CML Terminators with Tank-Hunters and 5-man Las/Plas units with Razorbacks. Throw in Predators for seasoning and you have a highly effective gunline. Or simply an effective unit in whatever army you feel like putting them in. :P
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Kroot Warrior
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You've come to the right expert. Im the chapter master, and Black Templar veteran.

The first thing about the Black Templars you need to realize is they can take vows. Im sure you all realize this. The armies of the Black Templars can be most easily made and specified to each vow. Such as Kill the Witch, Abhor the Witch, etc.

My favorite is the special rule that allows "When one brother dies the other shall rush". This allows you to roll D6 torward the enemy. Which scares many people. You want to have a mainly infantry force for this so you can take the best advantage of the rule.

I could go blathering on for quite some time, but its your choice. Make and customize your Army to the Black Templar vows and you will never lose. Trust me.

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