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Space Marine weapon question
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Question Space Marine weapon question

This may sound really trivial but...if a codex weapon option entry does not say "you may replace X with one of the following" and instead says "may be equipped with one of these weapons", does it mean the model gets to keep its previous weapon, or is it automatically dumped in the process?

For example, a Black Templar Initiate is equipped with a boltpistol and close combat weapon. It doesn't say he can replace it with a melta; instead it says he can be equipped with a melta.

So if you do that, does he have both the melta gun and the boltpistol & chainsword, thus keeping his +1 attack for 2CCWs in CC?
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After talking it over with a follow SM player, we both conclude that due to the wording (if that is exactly what the Black Templar Codex says) then yes you can equip the meltagun and keep both the bolt pistol and chainsword.

Now I would also say check for any FAQs that might have come out since that Codex to see if at some point GW has verified that is what is meant or if the wording was incorrect and was meant to say that you had to choose to replace either standard weapon for the melta gun.
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