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BA 1500pt list (please rate)
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Default BA 1500pt list (please rate)

In this list i've tried to make a balanced army as possible to fight my main opponent chaos (undivided)

Artificier Armour
Veil of time

Death company
Jump pack

Terminator Assault squad:
4 pairs of lightning claws
1 thunder hammer & storm shield

Veteran Assault Squad:
Sgt with power weapon and terminator honours
Jump packs
Furious charge trait

8 Man tactical squad:
veteran sgt with power axe & terminator honours
Furious charge, counter attack & true grit traits

8 Man Tactical squad:
veteran sgt with power fist & terminator honours
Furious charge, counter attack & true grit traits

5 Man scout squad:
Sgt & 3 scouts with CC weapons & bolt pistols
Heavy bolter

Heavy Support:
Predator Annihilator:
Twin linked lascannon
lascannon sponsons
extra armour

Total: 1490pts

Any and all comments, suggestions and changes are welcome* ;D
Purge a Daemon,
Purge a Daemon,
Purge a Daemon every day................
Come on everybody sing along with me!
(Yes I maybe insane but unless you want me and my very nice friends in silver hunting you down I would keep quiet about it, alright?)
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