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My brothers list
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Default My brothers list

Hi Guys,

I dont play SM but my brother does and he has been having real trouble winning games at 1500pts.

He just doesnt know the mechanics of his force. I have designed a new list for him which I think will be pretty mental but I need some SM Vets to rate it. Below the list is an intended game plan. List has been designed with all armies in mind.

Master - Bike, Atificer armour, Terminator Honours, teleport homer, Lighting claws = 171pts

Terminators - 6 termies, 2 assult cannons = 280pts

3 Tactical squads - Flamer, Missle launcher, Rhino with extra armour and sole launchers. = 582pts

3 Landspeeder squadrons - each with 2 land speeders in it, one with multi melta and heavy flamer, one with assult cannon and heavy bolter. = 465pts

AS I said above the army is designed to tackle all armies. My thinking is 3 tac squads in rhinos charging up the middle and then letting off smoke launchers. The land speeder squads charge down the left and right flanks and also support the rhinos in the centre. The master however blazes into the heart of the enemy by turning the boosters on. I mean whats a captain without the guts for a fullon solo assult from the word go.

What does every one think?
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Default Re: My brothers list

Very mobile army at least.* Not sure how well it is as an all round army.* On a 6x4 table which I suspect you'd be playing on with an army this big that mobility could be a good thing though.* Only a couple of things I would really suggest changing untill he's gotten around to trying it out a bit and seeing what works.

* The flamer/melta combo never really appealed to me as it seems to make the speeder be a cross purposes.* *The flamer is best for troops while the melta best for vehicles.* Since the heavybolter/assault cannon is murder to troops at range having just the melta is a good idea.* Grouping the meltas into a squadron and the hb/ac's into another will let them target units they can do the most damage against.*

The other thing I have problems with is heavy weapons and transports.* Transports mean your on the move so can't use heavy weapons.* This basicly winds up with you either having wasted points on a heavy that you never fire or a vehicle that you bought basily as some mobile cover.* Dropping one rhino and grouping the launchers into one squad as a devastator squad will get the best use out of them.
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