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Descent of Angels?
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Default Descent of Angels?

Just purchased a blood angel book today. Looking over this rule I noticed the special effect only effects models with the special rule. It doesn't state that you need a jump pack for the rule to work.

So Vanguard vets can't benefit from the rule cause it's not listed under special rules. Since I'm bored I'll list the models that have the rule.

1. Dante
2. Astorath The Grim
3. Sanguinor
4. Sanguinary Guard

So far 3 differant hq's and one elite choice have the special rule. Let me look up jetpack and see what I get. So pg. 62 it states a blood angel model with a jump pack have the decent of angels special rule.

So Vanguard Vets can benefit from the special rule.

Oh well.
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Default Re: Descent of Angels?

Having a Jump Pack automatically grants the rule. The other units with the rule have it listed in the army list because they come equipped with Jump Packs. It's really just for completeness. Basically, Packs = Descent of Angels. No exceptions.
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Default Re: Descent of Angels?

Seth is right. Check the armoury section of the book.
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