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Deathwing Tactics
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Deathwing Tactics

I have been playing Deathwing for some time and was wondering exactly what the Tactic(s) are for this army. With the new rules, this makes the tactics a little easier, because terminators cost 45 points poer model versus the old 47.
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Default Re: Deathwing Tactics

1.stay in cover wait for them to come by and pop out and unload and assault

2.for tanks take a squad and deep strike right nex to them with two assault cannons and unload if you don't kill it make sure that the squad was upgraded w/ chainfists

3.use terain abd hide
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Default Re: Deathwing Tactics

Well there are only three ways to use Deathwing.

Land Raider Force:

This is of course a force where most of your units are Land Raider mounted. Most of your squads will therefore not have weapons such as Missile Launchers and instead Assault Terminators(If your not actually using the Deathwing list) and/or squads with Heavy Flamers and Assault Cannons will be prevalent.

Your regular Land Raiders can provide you with the needed heavy weapons fire as they advance slowly. Your Land Raider Crusader mounted squads can head straight at the enemy and engage key targets.

This force does make your Terminators last much longer but there will obviously not be as many of them. It also allows you to pick and choose your fights more effectively.

Infantry Force:

This is of course a force on foot. It should have Missile Launchers in some of the squads for long range support. I'd advise having a large dedicated ranged squad with two Missile Launchers. Dreadnought provide a nice boost to this force as they can either support your ranged squad or advance whilst laying down fire with your more combat oriented squad.

This force does have more in terms of numbers but they are vulnerable to heavy weapons fire. It is also very slow which can allow the enemy to pick and choose their fights. You will just have to rely and large numbers of Terminators to bail you out if this happens. But as they are quite versatile they can deal with most threats.

Any dreadnoughts with the fire-base I'd advise giving a Missile Launcher and Las-Cannon (as the Terminators themselves are perfectly capable in combat still).

Deep Strike Force:

With this army it is best to have one large squad to base your force around and to be there from the start. As this squad will be alone for a while it is usually quite a large fire-support squad. This way they can engage key targets without much risk of being swamped etc.

Your deep striking squads are best equipped with close range weapons. I'd take twin Assault Cannons on most squads so that they can cause some damage when they land. It also gives you the option of not landing too close to the enemy, as the squads will have reasonable range. This means you can land on objectives, un-claimed table quarters etc.

A decent option with this force is to take something like a Prometheus command Land Raider as it can help with your reserve rolls.

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Then there is of course the mixed force with combinations of these three. Some infantry supported by Dreads, Land Raider mounted combat squads. A squad held in reserve for deep strike etc.
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Default Re: Deathwing Tactics

There are much better sites for finding advice on an army as specialized as Deathwing:




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Default Re: Deathwing Tactics

Death wing=Fast army So go into a bloody assault, kill everyone and then you will win the match
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Default Re: Deathwing Tactics

Deathwing are far from a fast army, you must be thinking of Ravenwing.

Even then in my experience the best way to use them is not to rush into assault, it is to use your mobile fire-power and only engage units with weapons capable of shooting your bikes down easily in close combat. You can then thin the enemy with your fire-power whilst avoiding getting swamped in combat (as you will be out numbered early), once this thinning process is complete you can then engage with much less risk of getting swamped.

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