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SM scouts
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Default SM scouts

Do you use scouts, and in what way?

As a starting marine player I want to hear about the other ways people use their scouts, because all I've seen scouts ass are snipers.
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Default Re: SM scouts

I use scouts i give mine snipers to take out fexs and stuff!

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Default Re: SM scouts

I have not used scouts lately but I have used them in two different ways.

Either as an all out close combat unit or as a shooting unit. Using the SW, I have some good choices, I go Close combat if I am up against some 4+ sv troops. I will go shooting if I am tyring to draw some fire away from my main attack force or just to throw as much dakka down range at the enemy as I can.* *

I have seen a link around here for Space Marine Tactica will post it once I find it.


Here it is http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?board=83.0

( I hope this is it )
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Default Re: SM scouts

Originally Posted by Avor
Do you use scouts, and in what way?
In larger point games i plan to use a ten man all ccw bolt pistol squad in my blood angels army.
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Default Re: SM scouts

SNipersquads with an HB or RL are allways in good taste when infiltrated. also a group them to support a quick assault on a flank is always good. But as i said if you put the points in you will get a return. I sometimes use them instead of devies. And even with devies they are good. M opinion is that they should always be used. But that is my opinion.
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Default Re: SM scouts

I just read the Scout 'Tactica' but I didn't think it extremely informative, no offense to the mods present in that thread but it seems unorganised (I'm aware it's still a "working draught").

Space Marine Scouts

Scout Sergeant Harkins, Chief Huntsman, Imperial Guard Dylorrian 37th "Silent Stalkers"

"Scout Squads are experts at fighting independantly from the main Marine force. This is all part of their training as Neophytes - they must learn to act independantly before they can work as a Tactical Squad together. They infiltrate enemy territory sneaking through weak points in the enemy lines, eliminating sentries and sneaking through the shadows like creatures of the night. The utmost care is taken not to alert the enemy of the Scout presence, for this would nullify the effect they will have on the enemy in the coming weeks. Upon completion of a successful infiltration, Scout teams will begin disrupting enemy communications, making it hard to form a cohesive defence. This injects a certain degree of fear into the defenders as well, as when the first strike has been made efforts will indefinetely be made to stop such attacks in the future. Once communication has been disrupted Scouts can begin destroying supply lines. Effectively weakening the enemy war machine from the inside, allowing the anvil that is the Space Marine Forces to strike hard and fast, is the main goal of Scout Squads"

Effective forms of Scout teams

* Close Combat
* Fire Support

Close Combat -* Close Combat Scout Squads need to be large if they are to function effectively. If you are choosing this kinf of Scout team make them 10 strong. Close Combat Weapons and Bolt Pistols are the order of the day here, although a Heavy Bolter could also be incorporated, for only 5 Points you have a nice anti infantry weapon that is always useful should you find yourself not moving, taking cover for instance. A shotgun or 2 may be a good idea due to the ability to fire and assault, but IMO the Shotgun is redundant unless it is being used for fluff or for fun. The object here is to make an effective Scout squad. With this 10 Strong squad place them on a flank, infiltrating to make use of cover where possible. Do not put them in the middle of your line, they will be shot and killed and with a 4+ save (while being pretty nice) in a Marine army, they will go down relatively quickly. However due to a lack of specialised Close Combat Weaponry, Scout Scouts are best used to wear down and slow advancing units. Alternatively, in a CC army they are best used to support other Combats, or to engage and wait for Support.

To summaraise:
- 10 Strong to survive combats and act as an efficient 'bump' to advancing enemies, and to be able to take the fight to weaker oppononts (non Meq's)
- Not to be used on their own. Help from Marines is preferable if your intending to win the combat, not if your wanting to slow the enemy down to get into a better position with other units.
- Deployed on Flanks and not in plain view in the middle as far forward as infiltrate will let you , however tempting you may find it. Infiltrate is a nice ability and you should always use it, unless your fighting a fast CC army like a Chaos variant or Tyranids.

Fire Support -* Configuration is simple. Scouts with Sniper Rifles and a Heavy weapon. Heavy Bolter is a nice option (Mine has the barrel of an Ork Shoota and a Bipod.. it looks so cool ) but now there is also the option of a Missile Launcher. Since the snipers will be going against high toughness units ideally a Missile Launcher is a good option, However I prefer a heavy Bolter. It can still force saves through volume (If your lucky). I'd go with the Missile Launcher for effectiveness however. 5 Snipers including a Sergeant with Sniper Rifle and a Heavy of choice works very well against annoying WraithLords, TMC's etc etc. I find no point in putting in ablative wounds for my Scouts, they don't need to be expensive and you should be being as careful with them as you can.

To Summarise:
- Take a small unit of 4-6 Scouts. You can take extra Scouts so casualties aren't your Scouts with weapons.
- The Sergeant can also take a Sniper Rifle, use this to get a scout squad with 4 Sniper Rifles and a heavy weapon.
- Target units that you can actually do something against - Snipers aren't the best vs MEQ armies, but they can still pin if they are lucky and are useful against High Toughness gribblies.

You could try to Mix and match but I wouldnt advise it, give your Scouts a role to fulfill. A 10 man Squad with 2 Snipers and a HB isn't going to be as effective as a Fire Support Squad and/or a CC squad on their own.

Good Luck
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