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A thought on Tactical Squads....
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Default Re: A thought on Tactical Squads....

They're grand, though I''d consider Combat Squadding the Plasma Gun/Plasma Cannon in Objective based missions. They can still advance together if they need to, but one can move in on the objective for Rapid-Firing while the Cannon plugs away.
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Default Re: A thought on Tactical Squads....

I think, that Tactical, is the "ultimate", just before vets, and terminators.. For, they learn each "side" of warfare, and become "versatile".
If you look at the Space wolf fluff, and it is one of the oldest.. you start as assault.(blood claws) then, Tactical.(grey hunters).. then, if you are no more than a good marine, you become a "long fang" (devastator) or an Elite marine.. terminator.
Anyway, I think, that to be a tactical Marine, is the achievement, of a "regular" marine

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