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Upcoming game vs chaos
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Upcoming game vs chaos

Any tricks to taking out obliterators? My opponent likes to use 6 of them and choke things off. I play Black Templars. Wasn't sure if there was some way to nullify them other than running from them?
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Default Re: Upcoming game vs chaos

Did you ever try running into them?

I've found that Oblits can be a pain but if you can keep things out of their line of sight then that makes them useless - though that depends on the size of the board and your own ability to move.

Though with Black Templars, when all else really fails...charge it!
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Default Re: Upcoming game vs chaos

Anything that causes Instant Death is a bane to the Obliterator. The problem is getting anything close enough to the Oblits before the Oblits open up on it. How big a game, pointswise, are we talking about? And how many Oblits is he bringing? In any case, why not pack a LR Crusader full of killy goodness- a powerweapon kills an Oblit as easily as it kills a Traitor marine... Just pray to the Emperor that the tank makes it there in one piece.


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Default Re: Upcoming game vs chaos

Just have a land raider out of range and pummel the squad with lascannons and hope for the best. Or take some assault marines, because they are really fast and I think have a higher Initiative than oblits, make them do a hit and run. If you have a ten man squad and power weapons or maybe even a chaplain, you'll carve them to pieces then run away before they get you.

Hope I helped
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Default Re: Upcoming game vs chaos

Instant death makes oblits cry!

Here's some fun suggestions

Full bike squad with two melta guns, power fist and multi melta attack bike. Shoot and then charge, should solve a chunk of your problem nice and quick.

3 Land speeders with multi meltas. Hang back at 24" and pop them one at a time, only get line of sight to the target you want to kill.

VINDICATOR! The cheapest of the three options, keep it hidden until its in range then blast away with it. For real fun times try using 2 of them.

And failing all those, the good ol' fashioned las cannon is quite charming.
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Default Re: Upcoming game vs chaos

A few things.

1. Massed bolter fire. They are basically terminators with two wounds, and there aren't many of them. This is the slowest advisable method.
2. Plasma fire. This will most likely wound them, but you'll need more than one or two shots to pop an Oblit.
3. Strength 8 or better shooting. Get through their saves (not hard with a lascannon), and they're toast. Freeem! Pop goes and Oblit. Freeem! Pop goes another.
4. Assault. Make sure there's a power weapon or powerfist in there, and you'll probably pop the oblits in a single assault phase.

Basically, anything that carries anti-tank weaponry can be ranked on the following scale of kill difficulty:

Anti-tank embedded in some infantry (Hard, you've got to wipe out most of the squad before you can get the heavy weapon)
Vehicle mounted anti-tank (Medium to Easy, you've got to pop the tank or get a weapon destroyed result)
Obliterators (Easy, you've just got to hit once with a lascannon and have them fail their invulnerable save)
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