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Modelling Help....
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Default Re: Modelling Help....

I would go with Sicarius if you can find him if not just get the twin lightning claws from the guy in the veteran squad.

and if you wanted to make him look more like a BA you can use Dante's jumpack.
Originally Posted by Dancing Bush
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Default Re: Modelling Help....

Originally Posted by RonanB1011
I just looked at the Sword Brethren squad there and I'm thinking I might just get that model(a friend of mine plays BT so he'll take the others and if not, I'll convert them into some cool Assault Veterans). The battlewagon bitz sounds a wee bit difficult for a beginner so I'm sticking to very basic conversions at the mo.
Honestly as I said the conversion for the plastic components is really not difficult at all, 6 cuts in total from a handful of plastic parts and the end result is a lot more personalised than a stock model of another kind, and much easier than trying to file away the Ultramarines symbols on Sicarius, or the Raven Guard symbols on Shrike. Even the BT model would require filing off the BT symbols.

I personally prefere working with plastic, it's a lot easier and as I said converting it takes zero skill and nothing special by way of materials. Trust me, I do my conversions with a pocket knife, hardly the most precise tool, and if this is supposed to be an important officer in your army why not make it look good and unique?

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Default Re: Modelling Help....

That's a good point, cutting will be easier than filing. Though on GW's UK website it lists a Veteran w/ dual Lightning Claws in a blister so that would probably be the easiest option.
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