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Bad rolls
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Default Bad rolls

I was waching a battle recently in this battle a person who collected space marine. He had to roll ten dice for a tactical squads amour save he then only needed to roll 3+ byt all he rolled was 1s and 2s. This teribal roll started the army decline. If his marines were alive he would of been able to flank his aponent* take out the tank. If your wondering what this has to do with tau he was versing a tau army.

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Default Re: bad rolls

And? I cant possible see how this can have anything to do with tau. That one of your friends is unlucky...
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Default Re: bad rolls

Is there any point to this?

Care to expand on this if its a brief Bat.Rep?
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Default Re: Bad rolls

why did you bring this up? it doesnt have much to do with anything except for the fact that your friend is bad at rolling dice
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Default Re: Bad rolls

Also why is this on the marines board anyhow? Other than the army in question was marines there really seems to be no point to this.
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Default Re: Bad rolls

Locking until someone can provide me with point and purpose for this thread...
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