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Dark Angels vs Dark Eldar.
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Default Dark Angels vs Dark Eldar.

Well as i've said in another thread, this weekend i have a game against Dark Eldar.

The battle will be 1500 points and i'm just wondering what tactics seem to work for all the dark angels players on the forum.

Generally i play a very infantry heavy army. The most effective thing i have found against most armies is to shoot them like all hell for the first few turns and clean up whatever is left in combat.

But i'm wondering if this will work with an army as fast and hard hitting as the DE.

Any advice or opinions are welcome.

Just a little note.

Currently my army stands at:

chapter master

1 x Venerable Dread
1 x 5 man veteran squad
2 x assault terminators (lightning claws galore)
2 x terminator squads
1 x 5 man scout squad (bolters, shotguns, heavy bolter)
1 x 10 man scout squad (snipers)

4 x 10 man tactical squads

1 x Ravenwing attack squadron (full)
1 x biker squad

2 x 5 man devastator squad
1 x Land Raider Crusader
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Default Re: Dark Angels vs Dark Eldar.

I know you said from, DA, but I could help from the other end of the spectrum. The first thing to know is if your opponent is wych heavy or warrior heavy. If he has a lot of whyches, stay there and shoot; primarily at the jetbikes,raiders, or ravagers, then when the wyches get within 24 inches, shoot them. Beware of the 12 inch charge from the comabat drugs. If your opponent plays warrior heavy, then get there quick and charge.
Oh yeah, DE laugh at land raiders and dreads. Sorry.
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Default Re: Dark Angels vs Dark Eldar.

If you can get the first round it'll be a much better game. He'll have setup behind cover, but you ought to be able to get the ravenwing in a position to fire on his skimmers, since they are fast attack and have a scout move. If you take out his skimmers, or some of them, before they get away from their deployed area he'll be in a world of pain, with obscenely fragile troops hiking across the board.

If he's going with the webway portal approach you can have a quick argument about whether or not a unit can come through a webway portal if its full of your units. This'll come down to a dice roll, as he can't back down and you have no reason to. If he loses it just turbo boost some ravenwing into the webway ASAP, he'll have to shoot them away, and shooting at t5 turbo boosters is probably the least harmful thing you can get him doing.

If you get stuck in melee combat, prepare to be defeated. Wyches are just too much for Space Marines, even if you are using your assault troops. They don't massacre any further than anyone else though, so try the sacrificial squad approach. Even one squad rapid firing at a wyche squad will obliterate it.

Also, forgot this when I first wrote the post. Get his codex and read it, and his FAQ and read it. Knowing precisely what each unit does is an edge he'll have on you, having fought a billion space marines in his time, so you might as well return the favor. Further note, Dark Eldar HQ's are pretty severe.
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