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Avenging Sons - any other fluff about them?
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Default Avenging Sons - any other fluff about them?

When I was reading Imperial Armour 3, I noticed that there is a Space Marine Chapter that hold their ground ala Black Hawk Down in the Tarokeen Governor's palace against the Tau during the First Taros Intervention. Those Marines caught my eyes as they are rather heroic and that their colur scheme is rather pleasant to my eyes.

They are called the Avenging Sons, and their colour scheme is mostly ice blue and white. But other than those stuff stated in the IA3 book , I know nothing about them.

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Default Re: Avenging Sons - any other fluff about them?

Let the Galaxy Burn has a short story about the Avenging Sons.
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Default Re: Avenging Sons - any other fluff about them?

Well I found some stuff.

Founding Legion: Unknown
Founding: 19th Founding
Current Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Trękonnis Major
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Known Descendants: Unknown
Colours: Navy Blue
Speciality: Unknown
Battle Cry: Unknown
Current Chapter Strength: Unknown


The Avenging Sons Chapter is a Codex Chapter

A 19th Founding chapter from the world of Trękonnis Major. They wear navy blue power armour with yellow trim on their shoulder pads, and their symbol is a stylised white cross. A white diagonal stripe with a roman numeral in the centre denotes the company.

A strike force of Avenging Sons fought in the war on Taros. Captain Armaros led a team in order to kill Planetary Governor Aulis but they were surprised by the PDF forces and Tau warriors and failed.


Notable Characters
* Captain Armaros
* Brother Hakael, Dreadnought

This is all that I could find, hopr it helps

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